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Widely considered the most innovative city in the US, Cleveland boasts several professional sports teams, a Great Lake, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a world-renowned amusement park. Cleveland's culinary scene is so amazing that they've named it Cleveland Plus, an area of town jam packed with master chefs, a barrage of ethnic cuisine, and microbreweries supplying the city with uniquely delicious drinks. Your musical tastes will be satiated by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and the bars and amphitheaters play host to a wide variety of both international and local talent. In Cleveland, you can pitch a tent at a scenic campground, check into a charming bed and breakfast, or pamper yourself at a luxurious 5-star hotel. Whatever you're looking for, this rockin' city has your back.
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Worth A Look-See

Cleveland might not be on everyone's bucket list but if you are in the area, you will find plenty of interesting things to do, so check it out. Not only is it relatively cheap to fly into, there is a train line that runs from the airport to downtown. One train stop is a mall that has a couple of hotels as anchors. No need to lug a suitcase down the block!

There is the obvious activities like the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (yes, go..go!) which is also along the same train line and the theater district (walking distance from aforementioned hotels and train stop). Did you know Playhouse Square (their theater district) is one of the largest in the US, outside of New York? So plan your visit to coincide with exhibits and shows you want to see but also check out some of the good food.

There is a strong pierogi presence there so bring a cooler to ship the interesting flavors back home. Pierogis are the Polish version of raviolis or pot-stickers and have a few home-of-the-best places in and around Cleveland. After a Bourbon Chicken, Crab meat, or Peanut Butter Banana at Pierogi Palace it really is downhill from there. If you are not into little pockets of goodness, try an excellent Mexican restaurant Momocho. Start with one (or more) of the 7 kinds of guacamole and one (or more) of the 10 types of Margaritas. Don't forget to take a moment to enjoy the decorations. The wallpaper is comprised of old Mexican wrestling (Lucha libre) flyers and ads.


I visited Cleveland during the winter while on a work project so was not able to enjoy much of the city. I must return and discover the wonders I'm sure you have.

Cleveland the land of Great Lakes

Introduction : I know Joachim Noah said no one visits Cleveland during the 2009 playoffs but he is wrong Cleveland has its own side of culture and tourism it’s the home of rock and roll , home of LeBron James and a lot more that you will discover once you get there .

Getting There:
By Air you can get to the Cleveland Airport or Akron Airport which is not far from Cleveland
By Bus/Train Greyhound connects Cleveland like it connects many other American cities if you are lucky enough Amtrak might get you some suitable schedules to get to Cleveland , depends on which state of America you are situated in
By road – Get a Gps and your safety tips book for the road trip and follow the GPS directions if you are in Cleveland you did well if you are not you need to speak and listen to your GPS more often

Sights and sounds:
Downtown Cleveland, Walking along the lake Erie , Cleveland Browns Stadium if you are a sports fan , Autumn railroad excursions

Don’t Miss:
West Side Market, Great Lakes Breweries visit , Quicken Loans Arena , Cleveland Ghost tour

Important Events: Rock n Roll Hall of fame has a lot of events lined up all around the year please check their site to be up to date with the events
Marion and Chris

The Next Portland?

Cleveland has the power to presently surprise those who give it the opportunity to do so. The burgeoning neighborhoods offer much by way of organic cafes and coffee shops. Be sure to spend time in Ohio City, Tremont, Little Italy and Coventry. These parts of town have adorable shops, tasty restaurants, wine bars and plenty of parking. The new addition to the art museum is not to be missed! This part of the midwest has plenty of sky, so be sure to enjoy at least one sunset over Lake Erie.
I was surprised how friendly everyone was, even in the winter!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The 150,000 square-foot museum features seven floors, five theaters for films, special events and free public programs and ever-changing exhibits.
Cost: Adults $22/Children $13
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Sporting Events

There's always a team to watch and cheer on. The Browns-football, the Cavaliers-basketball, the Indians-baseball and more, One of these days, they might even win a championship.
Cost: Varies
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"From restaurants of all kinds, clubs, concerts, the arts and sporting events, there is so much to choose from.
Cost: Varies
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