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Cartagena offers one of the most luxurious vacations for such a bargain that your bank account will hardly believe you've been indulging yourself. Fine dining for less than $15, great hotels for less than $30, and just a quick flight from Miami Florida, Cartagena, Colombia has all the moves to make you feel pampered without breaking the bank. Just off the Caribbean coast in Colombia, Cartagena is a relaxing beach environment with all of the fun water sports that you'd expect from a tropical island. Additionally, Cartagena has an active nightlife that includes bars, clubs, and casinos, as well as historical architecture and museums.
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Photo Credit: Jaime Gomez
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Cartagena de Indias

I couldn't believe I had arrived in Cartagena so fast. It is very close to Miami and a perfect place to go for a weekend get a way. It is known as one of the three pearls of the Caribbean. The other two are Santa Marta and Cali.

Walk around the old city or "Amurallada", which means Walled City, and enjoy the streets, colonial buildings, cafes, bars and restaurants. And, did you know it is the only completely walled city in Latin America!

You can also visit the Castillo de San Felipe or take a boat ride to Rosario Islands or "Islas del Rosario". This was such a treat. Along the way we were greeted by fishermen who offered fresh lobster we later cooked and ate!

Old walled city

You must visit the old walled city...steeped in history. There is a beautiful central square with horse drawn carriages and locals and tourists alike line the benches in the square to celebrate the day. Fresh fruits are served up from oversized hats on women...vendors selling jewelry..perhaps a dance troop e
Will perform for you! Luscious foods and pastries go there! in restaurants or by street vendors... And of course, coffee on every single street sold by local vending carts!
on location, until the time for me to leave. The surrounding of the hotel was gracious. The splendid vibrant colors of the building and garden, makes the whole place come to life.
The different activities available to adults and kids were well organized, between swimming, tennis, volleyball, just to mention a few. Visiting Cartagena was one of my best choices I have ever made. I will always reme
Enjoy your vacations in the midst of beautiful natural and quiet beaches, and Live and feel the tropical magic of historic of Cartagena de Indias Colombia .Over the years people from the world have visited Cartagena and have been amazed with all its historical, cultural, architectural, commercial and natural. Bill Gates, John Paul II, the kings of Spain, Mel Gibson, Bill Clinton, Christopher Lambe

Walled City

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this collection of fortifications was begun in the late 16th century has stood for hundreds of years.
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El Totumo

Interested in a little more extreme mud bathing? Take a trip to this 'mud volcano' where after a brief hike, you can bath in warm mud with alleged healing properties.
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Heredia Theater

One of the most beautiful theaters in Colombia, this one was originally built in 1911 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Colombian independence.

Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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Rafael Nunez Airport [CTG]