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The Canary Islands, a small Spanish cluster of islands off the west coast of Africa, has over 160 miles of beaches, so it's not hard to see why more than 9 million tourists flood to its shores every year. While much of the land in the Islands has been built up, thanks in large part to tourism, they are home to four national parks and four biosphere reserves and more than 140 other protected areas, which makes your hikes through the mountains feel like you're the first to ever set foot there. The Canary Islands are famous for both whale and bird watching, though you can see a number of other fascinating creatures including chimpanzees, jaguars, and penguins. It should be no surprise that water sports are popular in the Canary Islands, and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful backdrop nor more perfect weather. Thanks to 365 days of sun, the Canary Islands offer to help to "beat the winter blues." Soak in endorphins while kite-surfing, diving, deep-sea fishing, or simply lying on the soft white sand and feel your levels of sheer happiness rise indefinitely. And just to be sure that you don't confuse the Canary Islands with some other island vacation, this might be the only place where you'll encounter the famous and ancient whistling language, as well as the only place where you can golf on a Mediterranean Coast, on sand dunes, or even in a volcano.
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
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    7 completely different islands

    Originally from the islands, and having been able to explore them all, I must say that it is a MUST to go visit. They are one of those places often called Paradise.

    Volcanic islands with rocky/ pebbles/ white or black sand beaches, mountains and volcanoes (highest peak in the whole country - Spain - you can walk to the very top by asking for a permit and being very fit! Been there, breathtaking views of Tenerife, where that volcano is, and the other six islands); big cities, towns and villages. Islands to practice any sport you can imagine (literally) but for snow sports as, even if it does snow, because of the land, it is not possible to build the resorts to do so. Water sports are big, both on and under water. The Canary Islands hold international championships of surf, windsurf, bodyboarding, freediving, diving photography, Ironman, triathlons... just to name some. Adventure and sports is something you can definitely count on. As I said before, ANY kind.
    Also, public transportation is pretty good, and also in between the islands, both by air and on water.

    Canarian culture is something to experience... and especially the food. It is insanely good and tasty. The Canary Islands are Spanish territory so there is influence from the Spaniards. Like many islands around the world, the Canary Islands also have their own character and lifestyle... so, do not hesitate to get on the plane or boat, on a transatlantic or a cruise (thousands of visitors come from cruise ships... like famous Queen Mary, which stops in the islands as well!) to eat gofio, watch ballet at the auditorium, go to the biggest water park in Europe, enjoy the outdoors, the beaches or the local celebrations and traditional dances.

    Don't miss out and visit the Canary Islands!! :)
    Ruth Damaris

    I was really lucky!

    I had the chance to live in Canary for one year! I lived in Las Palmas, the main capital of the 7 islands, in the island of Gran Canaria.
    The 7 islands (from north to south Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma) are vulcanic and very different between each other.
    Lanzarote: is the northern and the most young. You must go there if you are into geological phenomena and nature and landscapes. There are many activities and tours you can join, from climbing to caving.
    Fuerteventura: is between Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. If you love to relax on beach or to surf it's your island! Here you can find amazing white beaches with really big waves.
    Gran Canaria: people from there say it's a little continent. You can do all the kind of activities you may imagine, from climbing the central vulcano to relax on the beach always sunny in the south or discover the local culture.
    Tenerife: is high! Here there is the Spain tallest vulcano, El Teide, 3800mt. As you can guess you can do any kind of outdoor activities.
    La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma: the smallest island of the archipelago. I haven't been there but some say it's amazing, I let you discover!
    In all the island you can do whatever outdoor activity, the best are: snorkeling, diving, biking and camping.
    The food: Isuggest to try the goat cheese of Fuerteventura, "las papas arrugadas" of Gran Canaria and the wine from Lanzarote

    Nice getaway but culturally a bit void...

    Hopping from the Spanish mainland to the Canary Islands has some great benefits - cheap flights, cheap accommodation, and an almost guaranteed 21-25 Celsius (70-75 fahrenheit) all year round. The natural beauty of the islands is great, like Teide mountain (the highest point in Spain) is a snow capped volcano. The surf is perfect for learners, although the atlantic waters never feel quite warm. If you are able to get off the beaten path, there is lots to do and explore. Lanzarote is a nearly unpopulated outpost of wild nature and volcanic rocks, just right for someone who really wants to explore.
    Unfortunately for the Canary Islands, they have been overpopulated by northern european tourists who brought in strip malls, mega-hotels and more chinese buffets and pizza shops than you can shake a stick at. Sit down and you are handed a menu in German - we had to ask several times for the Spanish version. Sunburnt tourist wander through boring looking breakfast buffets at hotels before hitting the pool for the day and then getting hammered at night. The constant thud of techno music abounds in most towns (especially in gran canaria and tenerife).
    So if you want nature - go to Lanzarote. If you just want a place to warm your bones from the chilly continent in winter, anywhere is fine. If you really want to get into the local culture and away from the tourists, you have to make a real effort.

    Out of this World

    This Spanish Territory is a series of islands filled with national parks and outdoor activities of all kinds. With the strong Spanish influence, the culture and food follows suit. It is a popular place for Europeans to vacation for a fun in the sun environment, but it is not just a place for resting and relaxing, there are so many outdoor activities from cycling to swimming, kite surfing and scuba.

    It is hard to imagine when someone describes going to a destination and saying it looks like another planet, how do you really know what another planet looks like? 200 years ago the island of Lanzarote was hit by a series of volcanic eruptions that lasted for over 2000 days, leaving a quarter of the island covered in lava. As a result, this island is covered in black sand beaches, lava fields and high peaks of this island reaching over 670 meters high. This is the island I traveled to and could not believe my eyes, it does look like another planet - and was simply stunning.

    Besides the outdoor activities, the island is filled with incredible wind sculptures by famous artist Cesar Manrique, you can find throughout the island at turnabouts. The homes in each town are painted in white with matching shutters, pop off the hillsides. The plant life throughout the islands reaches over 1000 different species, which paints a variety of textures and colors that makes a road trip around the island worth putting into your itinerary.

    You can choose to island hop or stay secluded to one, either way you cannot go wrong. I cannot wait to go back!

    Siam Park

    One of the largest water parks in all of Europe.
    Cost: Adult 28 Euro/Child 18 Euro
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    Timanfaya National Park

    Forged by volcanic activity, most notably the Fire Mountains, looks like it could be on Mars. This landscape with geysers and rugged peaks, is best explored on a bus tour, but camel rides are another unique way to visit this fascinating place.
    Cost: 8 Euro to enter park
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    Many of the hotels are located just steps from the beaches black, white and golden sand beaches invite you to relax and enjoy. Those visiting for the day, will have access to a variety of typical beach activities, from sunbathing to water skiing, paragliding, and windsurfing.
    Cost: Available for Hotel Guests
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