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Latin American pizazz mixes with European flare to create a city so full of pizazz and flare that you'll wonder how any one place can have so much personality. It does in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every neighborhood in Buenos Aires is equally unique, and local culture is celebrated in weekly fairs that offer regional food and crafts. The city as a whole is modern and dynamic so you won't be short on luxurious accommodations or fine cuisine. Countless museums, coffee shops, and historical monuments are just waiting to be explored. And, only if you're not faint of heart, catch a shockingly intense and entertaining soccer match while there. When the city's biggest clubs, River Plate and Boca Juniors square off, the city is entirely captivated by soccer! For the artistically inclined, Buenos Aires has superb performances for kids, adults, and everyone in between. And if all of that isn't enough to wear you out, dance clubs usually open around midnight, so you'll have a chance to take part in some of that famous Latin dancing.
Photo Credit: Argentina National Institute of Tourist Promotion
Photo Credit: Argentina National Institute of Tourist Promotion
Photo Credit: Argentina National Institute of Tourist Promotion
Photo Credit: Argentina National Institute of Tourist Promotion
Photo Credit: Argentina National Institute of Tourist Promotion

Beef, Leather, Dance. Something for Everyone!

Buenos Aires is a very accessible city that more people should visit. It is only one hour ahead of Eastern Time Zone so not much jet lag to deal with. The biggest problem is getting all the clothing souvenirs you buy into your suitcase. So much quality leather with intricate patterns. Plan on picking up jackets, belts, wallets and shoes. I recommend walking down Florida St. to see many shops.

And where do they get the leather from? All the cattle. The beef in Argentine tastes wonderful! This is a city that can appreciate a good steak. Meat lovers must visit. Even those not looking for steak specifically will find lots of yummy Italian restaurants (Il Matterello in La Boca neighborhood) and tiny empanada joints (Cambalache in the Recoletta neighborhood) to feast at.

Aside from food and shopping, checking out the local activities are a must. See a Tango show. Tango in Buenos Aires, whether on the street corner or in a tousit show, has heat and heart. Something everyone can appreciate. And visit the the Cematary in Recoletta. The Modern Art Museum was also a treat.

Before visiting compare renting a condo versus hotel rates. We found the condo much cheaper and came with a list of area activities, restaurants, and grocery stores from the owner. Plus we got a sneak peak at how the locals live (bidet and all!)

(A little sneaky) Many of the subway attendants cannot make change so if you show them a large bill, they will just wave you on, free of charge.

Bs.As te amo

I lived in Buenos Aires for five months last year and it has become my favorite place in the entire world. Go see the big stuff (Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta Cemetary, Cafe Tortoni, El Obelisco/9 de julio, etc.), but try to take some time to just wander the city a bit. Pick a barrio and just walk around. Belgrano, Recoleta, and (my favorite) San Telmo have ferias on the weekends and Barrio Chino is always fun. Lastly, try to make it to Cafe La Poesia, you won't regret it.

shop, eat, tango

Such a fun city! You can shop, sightsee and walk all day, but alas! the nights are where it all begins. For those who like to dine early, you will have the restaurant nearly alone, as Argentines dine very late...10-11pm not uncommon. For dancing the tango, and going to nightclubs you will need an afternoon siesta.

New Year's Eve

A friend and I spent the New Year in Buenos Aires, the city was quiet, but very pleasant.
Had many foreign tourists.
We know all the sights we went to Tango and Milonga.
For those who like history, dance and food, worth knowing ...


This sprawling metropolis is full of vibrant character, local charm, main avenues and hidden gems. Locals insist it's easy to navigate by public transit, but that is up for debate among those passing through. If you have 5 days or more, I'd encourage you to try the buses, get lost a few times and figure it out. if you're there for less time a cab may be the best way to see as much of the city as possible. Don't let the accent throw you off too much if you're familiar with Spanish; it's a good sign if the locals start to call you 'che'. If you're there on a Monday night swing by La Bomba where Argentines and tourists alike dance to wildly impressive drum beats. After exploring the various neighborhoods and hitting the main sites for photo ops, really take a moment in La Plaza de Mayo where the mothers relentlessly marched for the disappeared. Full of history and incredible traditions that transcend it, Buenos Aires has a story to tell you.

The Best of BA

WIth just a few days to explore Buenos Aires, divide your time between savoring cosmopolitan highlights and capturing the city's vibrant, historic charm. Let loose your bohemian spirit in San Telmo, cheer wildly at a Boca Juniors' soccer game, and catch up with the past in the labyrinth of Cementerio de la Recoleta. After sunset, get your tango fix by attending a show at EL Querandi, or test your own skills at milongas, social dances offered at venues throughout the city. For a true Argentine experience, dine at one of Buenos Aires' parrillas, where you can feast on steak, chorizo, and the region's best red wine.
Make the most of your stay in BA going to Teatro Colon, one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, and then spend the rest of the day hitting the antique markets.

Visit 9 de Julio Avenue

"The street has a huge median so you can rest as you cross it. At the junction of 9 Julio and Avenida Corrientes is the white spear of El Obelisco, the classic landmark and symbol of the city standing 67 meters high!
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City and countryside bus tours. Check out the helicopter, balloon, bike and walking tours too!
Cost: 1/2 day city tours start at $17.99
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Even non-shoppers love shopping here! Bargains galore.
Cost: Free (Until You Start to Shop!)
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