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A visit to Belgium really comes down to the numbers. 2000 chocolate shops. 200 museums. 300 art exhibits. 650 styles of beer. All of this adds up to one memorable vacation. Food connoisseurs can find delicious gourmet food anywhere--from internationally acclaimed restaurants to little cafes along the road. Belgian food will make you wonder how you've survived all these years without it. While everyone can enjoy tours of famous castles and gardens, Belgium has also become the chic new vacation favorite for young people who want style, luxury and trendiness (from their food, shopping, nightlife, and lodging) without having to spend a lot. In a nutshell, this country is home to one of the richest combinations of both culture and style.
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JL Flemal
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US
Photo Credit: Batistini Gaston
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Allessandra Petrosino
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JL Flemal
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JP Remy
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Joseph Jeanmart
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JP Remy
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Emmanuel Mathez
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JP Remy
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Joseph Jeanmart
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JL Flemal
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JL Flemal
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Ricardo de La Riva
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-Eike Dubios
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JP Remy
Photo Credit: Visit Belgium US-JP Remy

Amazing Brussels

I've been Amaze by Brussels. Such a beautiful city, tiny but big at the same time.
Lot to do there when you're interested about music culture, arts, comics, chocolates, gastronomy...
There are beautiful areas, the heart of Brussels is beautiful and enjoying to walk around. Outside Brussels, there are beautiful landscapes as well. The dynamic of the city has been impressive and when you arrive there, you immediately love it.

Heart of Europe

Brussels is a multicultural place. Oriental, asian, arabic, turkish, african, american, belgian food... you will find it all. So if you like food and don't want to travel around the world to try out every culture, Brussels is a good place to start. But also the authentic belgian restaurants (or even a waffle house) are definitely worth a visit! The 'Grote Markt' is probably the nicest square and has a lot of architectural beauties. The best time to lay eyes upon these beauties must be around Christmas. Then they even present you with a fine light show. A bit further from the square you will find Manneken Pis (the peeing boy), why the whole world comes to see this is even for the Belgians a mystery, nevertheless, all tourists have seen this boy! Here and there you will find some hidden galleries with very nice authentic shops. And there is also the Atomium, let's call it the belgian Eiffel Tower. Very nice construction and even nicer at night with the balls lit up.
All in all, Brussels could be like a small brother to Paris.

Chocolate x French Fries

The Brussels city is not so big and it also does not have so many touristic attractions like other capitals, so because of that you are able to visit the main points in a short time. I liked Brussels because it is a quiet capital and it is very easy to use the subway. The drivers are very polite and they always give the preference for the pedestrian. As a tourist I felt very welcomed.

If you go to Brussels, you have to visit the downtown with its wonderful architecture. The town hall is amazing, also the Palais Royal with it's beautiful gardens and the Parliament.

The Music Museum is great! I've seen all kinds of instruments. There are many weird medieval instruments that I have never seen before and you can listen to the sound of every instrument exposed in the museum. For me this is one of the nicest place to visit in Brussels.

Another cool place to visit is the Mini-Europe, which is a miniature park located in Bruparck at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels. The Eiffel Tower, the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, the St. Mark's Church in Croatia, the Viking ring fort in Denmark, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Acropolis in Greece, the Mount Vesuvius in Italy, etc, are some of the miniatures you will see there.

The Atomium is the symbol of Brussels and Belgium. Its modern design makes it one of the most popular attraction in Europe. You can walk inside it through it's tubes and spheres. The upper sphere offers unique and spectacular views across the city skyline.

Finally, if you go to Brussels you have to taste the chocolates and the french fries. They are delicious!


Brussels is a city where you can do everything: culture, shopping, sporting, going out and burgundian food!
It's THE place in West-Europe where you find the explanation of the roman culture in a playful way. By the way, the place where the best jazz musician lives: Toots Tielemans, the world best harmonica player.
Brussels is a beautiful city rich with history and culture. The people are friendly and the food is delicious.


Instantly recognizable, this diminutive statue of a child urinating (with actual water, of course) reflects the spirit and humor of the Belgium people. Built in the 15th century, it once served as a way of distributing water to the people of Brussels. The statue has over 800 outfits that dress him for various occasions.
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The Grand Palace

A UNESCO world heritage site dating back to the 17th century, this historic city square features stunning architecture and not surprisingly, a lot of history.
Cost: Free
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Brewery Tour

In a town well known for their beer, how can you not take a tour of a 100 year old brewery?
Cost: 6 Euros
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