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Often referred to as a city of contrasts, Boston is the most historical and modern vacation spot in the US. The food available is a mix of traditional New England cuisine and eclectic bistros. The hotels range from family-friendly to upscale cosmopolitan. And when it comes to sports, you either love or hate the Boston teams, so catching a game in Boston will be thrilling whether you're rooting for Boston or for whomever is playing them. The museums and historical sites are endless and fascinating no matter what your age, and the nightlife is kept lively with the many clubs, pubs, and bars. Because of the number of tourists who flood to Boston every year, the city aims to make it a place where famillies can visit on a budget--with discounts on hotels, museums, and other various activities all over the city. Every season in Boston is uniquely alluring, so whether you see yourself roaming the snowy winter streets, walking beneath shockingly bright orange and red fall leaves, enjoying a fresh crisp spring day, or the warm humid summer air, Boston's charm is undeniable.
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Beautiful City and Harbor

We visited Boston over Halloween weekend which meant lots of drunken characters providing street entertainment and lots of laughs. We loved Quincy Market. The corner bars were adorable. The Harbour is beautiful. We followed Columbus red path, pretty neat. Of course, Mike's Pastries were amazing!

Lovely City!

Love Boston. Gets pretty cold there in the winters, so spring/autumn trips are most recommended.

Boston Views

I loved Boston for the views; historical, cosmopolitan, and eclectic. Old meets new. I visited Boston both in the Spring and in the Winter - each is dynamic and exciting.

Driving through Boston is another matter. If I return, I will certainly take a cab.
Lars & Beth

"I Love that Dirty Water"

"I love that dirty water... Oh, Boston you're my home". These lyrics from the Standells' song Dirty Water perfectly describes my relationship to Boston. I grew up in Boston and love my city. Dirty Water refers to the Charles River which actually isn't Dirty anymore. This past summer Bostonians began to swim again in the river. Boston has everything from an amazing night life to amazing restaurants. The North End is Boston's little Italy while the South End transfers you to Ireland for the day. Downtown Boston has the Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics playing, if sports is your thing. If swimming in the river really isn't your thing, the suburbs of Boston are home to beautiful beaches and quintessential New England towns.

Amazing culture!

I've never seen this much culture in the states. There is so much to do in this town, not to mention you can walk just about anywhere or take the T. My sister lived in Brighton so I was able to stay there for nothing. I took the bus from Brighton to Back Bay, only about 15 minutes and from there you can walk down Newbury or Boylston Street. The busiest streets in Boston. Back bay is really where all the action is. You can waste plenty of time walking around Newbury or the Prudential center looking at stores. If you get bored of Back Bay go to China town and enjoy a nice hot pot restaurant.

The Pour House is my favorite place! It's right on Boylston. The food is great, breakfast, lunch. The drinks are reasonably priced and the staff is particularly hilarious. There is an upstairs and downstairs bar and during parts of the year they host a Caribbean Club where the female bartenders where bikinis. Some of the best service I've seen in a high volume area.

Some other great places are Mike's Pastry. They have a good lobster tail and delightful canolis. Samurai, on Boylston, is a great place to have sushi. King's is a great place to go bowling and you might see a celebrity there if you're lucky!

Boston has this great thing called zipcar. Really cool because we were able to rent one and drive to Hingam, MA to eat at Wahlberger's (Mark Wahlberg and family's burger joint). Zipcar's are really convenient.

I wasn't a huge fan of the New England Aquarium, it was kind of small but I loved seeing the harbor. And taking the Freedom trail was very entertaining for as simple as it is.

Anyway, there isn't much you can't do in Boston. But you need to go in March when its not too cold but not to hot yet. And you need to stay for two weeks to get all the fun in.
We stayed at the Hotel Marlowe on the Charles River in Cambridge. It is a beautiful hotel, and from it you can walk almost anywhere. There is a gorgeous path all along the Charles river that leads to MIT and Harvard, or you can cross one of the bridges and walk into Boston. There is also a train station very nearby and with a little planning you can go almost anywhere in the Boston area on it. I took a day while my partner was working and took the train out to Salem. I don't live in a city with public transportation to speak of, but I found the public transit system there to be easy to use. Salem was interesting, a place I had long had on my list and finally got to check off.
Boston is a great place . Great history , great food and good night life.
i loved the university square and market place.
it is a very romantic place.
So what if I got my finger broke the first night. First vacation just the two of us. So much to see and do. History comes to life. The comedy clubs and whale watching was great. The die for
there is always something to do......

5 Wits Patriot Place

Wits uses special effects and state-of-the-art equipment to provide a fully interactive adventure. You have to stay on your toes, move fast and keep your eyes open during this exciting adventure.
Cost: "Adults (13 & up): $18 per person Children (12 & under): $14 per person"
Visit Website

Boston Harbor Whale Watching Tour

Take a ride on a high speed catamaran while watching for a variety of beautiful species of whales. If you're lucky, you might see some Humpback, Finback or Minke whales and maybe even some dolphin. The catamaran is equipped with 3 outdoor decks, a heated cabin and narration from a professional researcher from the Whale Center of New England.
Cost: Children 4-12 $31.95 Adults 13-64 $39.95 Seniors $35.95

Fenway Park

Catch a Boston Red Sox game at world famous Fenway Stadium. Even during the off-season, you can enjoy a tour and learn about the amazing history this park.
Cost: Prices Vary (Especially depending on the Opponent!)
Contact: Phone: 877-REDSOX9

Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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