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Bonaire, a Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, means ""good air"" and it definitely lives up to its breezy, fresh name. The sandy beaches on the island greet perfect turquoise water, but the real reason to visit the beaches of Bonaire is to scuba dive or snorkel. The alluring reefs and historic shipwrecks are extremely close to the shore, making Bonaire one of the top diving and snorkeling locations in the world. If going under the water isn't your thing, the shallow, windy waters on the east side of the island are the prime location for windsurfing. And since this small island's economy is mainly supported by tourism, you are bound to encounter some of the friendliest, most helpful people you've ever met.
Photo Credit: Debbie Mous
Photo Credit: Rob Westerveld
Photo Credit: Tourism Corporation Bonaire-Mathis Weatherhall
Photo Credit: Tourism Corporation Bonaire-E Seeling
Photo Credit: Tourism Corporation Bonaire-Mathis Weatherhall
Photo Credit: Rob Westerveld
Diving cannot get any easier!

Bonaire by Scooter

You can experience the island at your own pace and in a unique way with this scooter rental. The rental includes a crate on the back of the scooter to pack your gear for the day so you can stop and snorkel or picnic wherever you choose.
Cost: $21.50-32.50/day (there's also a $300 deposit for the rental)
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Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is just half a mile off the coast of Bonaire, and is an undeveloped island known for great snorkeling and scenic views. There are no facilities on the island, but it's a great place for picnics and water adventures.
Cost: $15 for water taxi
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Horseback Riding

Explore Bonaire's countryside and beaches on horseback and experience an often unseen side of the island. At the end of the trail ride, you and your horse can enjoy a swim in Lac Bay.
Cost: Varies
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