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Declared by New York Times as one of the top 31 destinations to visit in 2010, Bogota is the surprisingly cosmopolitan capitol of Colombia. With a mild climate that stays comfortable all year long, there's no bad time to visit Bogota. And the city holds a wide variety of accommodations depending on your needs--ranging from cheap lodges for backpackers to five-star resorts. The incredible amount of shopping malls and outlets, many of which are brand new, promise to send you home dressed better than when you left. The nightlife is bound to keep you entertained. And the botanical gardens, museums, and observatories will immerse you in the rich culture of the ever-vibrant and historical Bogota, Colombia.
Photo Credit: Daniel Andres Forero
Photo Credit: David Garzon
Photo Credit: David Garzon
Photo Credit: Fernando Camacho
Photo Credit: David Garzon
Photo Credit: David Garzon
Photo Credit: Daniel Andres Forero
Photo Credit: David Garzon


This year, from Mexico I was travelling in center of america, and I finish my trip in Bogota, so for me it was important finish 9 months of trip in a great place like Bogota, with good people and good vibe.
All colombia is amazing!
From the moment you get off the plane in Bogota, you can feel the warmness of the people, everyone smiles at you and you feel excited to be there. This city is a magical place. It combines the precolombine culture of its history with the new exciting modern technology of the new era. This place is full of exciting things to do, see and taste. The typical food will make you sigh in pleasure; the co

Monserrate Cable Car

A short, 5-minute cable car (or a slightly longer hike) will take you to the top of Bogota. From this definitive symbol of the capitol city, you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Bogota, visit a famous site of pilgrimage, and eat at one of many local restaurants.
Cost: From $8-17, depending on the day and time; FREE if you hike
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Bogota Bike Tours

Guided bike tours of the city give you a chance to experience cultural and historical sites like a native. Lasting 3-4 hours, the English-speaking guides will take you through Bogota's history as well as their plans for the future, all with a personal touch and a chance to stay in shape while traveling!
Cost: $17 Per Person
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Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park

This memorial park is comprised of more than 11 miles of pedestrian and cycling paths and a large, central lake with kayak paddle boat rentals, and is the home to many of Bogota's local festivals and events. It is one of the most popular urban parks in the city, with lots of different areas and activities to explore.
Cost: Free




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