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Whether you're planning a trip for your family, your friends, or all by yourself, Berlin prides itself on having plenty to do no matter who you are or what you're interested in. The city is home to many child friendly restaurants, museums, theaters and adventures. The younger crowds tend to frequent the inexpensive hostels, flea market shopping, and the trend-setting nightclubs and music scene. And for those wanting a touch of luxury from their vacation, they can spend their time at the extravagant hotels and restaurants, and upscale shopping centers. And no matter who you are, you'll surely appreciate the unique culture, tradition and architecture of this historic city.
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Philip Koschel
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Steudtemann
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Philip Koschel
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Philip Koschel
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Philip Koschel
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Philip Koschel
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Wolfgang Scholvien
Photo Credit: visitBerlin Koch
Photo Credit: GNTB Jaergen Pollak
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Photo Credit: GNTB Joachim Messerschmidt
Photo Credit: GNTB Hans Peter Merten
Photo Credit: GNTB Joachim Messerschmidt
Photo Credit: GNTB Hans Peter Merten

Booming City

If you love cities, you'll definitely love Berlin. Can still see the contrast of East and West to this day. Public transportation is great, so you can definitely cover all ends of the city, but it is quite large to navigate. Munich is a little cozier.

The city where you can do whatever you want

Visiting this city has been such a great experience that I'll always remember.
It's like finding a place where you could do everything you want. Many ambiances, quiet, relaxing, but also very dynamic, exciting. Berlin is everything you want to be. It's like dreaming a city where history is so close to popular culture, as well as young and older, nature and great city, parks, rivers, flowers, buildings, soul...

This is the it nobody would like to miss. The trip every body would enjoy in its own manner.

Backstage Views

As a performer, I was lucky enough to see some of the behind-the-scenes places that few others get to experience.
The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche, at the heart of Berlin, has a vast offering of continuously changing performing groups. Before, during, and after services, you can listen to choirs and orchestral groups, usually for free or a free-will offering. The surrounding city bustles around this calm and serene oasis, giving church members and tourists alike, a placid place for meditation & contemplation.

As well, the Berlin Philharmonic Radio Orchestra and its chorus, can be seen by appointment rehearsing and recording at both the Konzerthaus Berlin and at the Berliner Philharmonie.

You can always find busier things to do in the hubbub of museums and shopping and restaurants, however, if you have the time to explore off the beaten path, try listening your way to a musical adventure you might miss otherwise!

The soul of Germany

The Berlin downtown is very cool! It is possible to visit historic places, monuments and museums in every corner. It is interesting to see the old architecture combined to the modern ones.

In June the sun rises at 4:00 am and the sunset happens at 10:00 pm, so you will have time visit lots of places in one single day.

The most important historic places are not located so far from each other, but you will need to be prepared to walk a lot, because there are so many things to see and to visit.

Here are some of the places that I suggest you to visit: The Schlossgarten park, the Charlottenburg Palace, the Hackesche Hofe, the Nikolaiviertel, the St. Nicolas's Church, The Berlin Cathedral, the TV Tower, the Friedrichswerder Church, the Neue Wache, the Monument for the soviet soldiers, the Reichstag, the Holocaust-Mahnmal, the Berlin Wall, the Tiergarten Park, the Victory Column, the Kaiser-Wilhelm Church, the Zoo and of course, the Brandenburger Portal.

Ps. Take time to taste the famous Häagen-Dazs ice screen. It is so delicious!

The public transport is excellent, the people are very kind to the tourists and there is no traffic jam on the streets. I am sure you will love Berlin!

The people make it!

Of course, Berlin is filled with wonderful historical sites, educational lessons to be learned, delicious food (of all different varieties), endless amounts of fun & dancing at nightclubs & bars, but what you might not know is that Berlin is home to some of the friendliest people in the world! Berliners are always ready and willing to help a stranger out. Directions, buying train tickets, where to stay or where to eat, just to name a few.
I have fallen absolutely in love with the culture & people of this city & most definitely recommend a pass through (or long stay) to anyone!
-Rachel C.

City of note!

I've probably been to Berlin about 6-8 times, but I can stay no more than one week due to sensory overload. Go during winter, stay in East Berlin and dine at 5 star restaurants in an old soup kitchen. Or party all night long at underground parties held in the basement of old factories, government buildings or Victorian houses turned into bars that have wallpaper from 1945. Seriously, it's a very progressive city that carries a lot of history.

The key to this city is to be an explorer!! Ask the locals what they are doing tonight and do some of those activities. Love this city!


The city is by far a hot bed of all things one would imagine when they dream of a European city. From a bubbling contemporary arts scene to bone chilling historical monuments the German knocks it out of the park.

Arguably the Best City in Europe!

Berlin is arguably the best city in Europe. Whatever type of tourist you are, there is sure to be something for you in Berlin.

A vast amount of history. Check.
A new culture that lends itself to art and self expression. Check.
A great nightlife. Check.
An easy city to get around in. Check.
Great Food. Check.

Berlin simply has it all, and many times it has at least two of what you are looking for because of the history of the Wall. One of my favorite Berlin experiences was going on a grafitti tour where we were shown all different type of Street Art from a city that has an acceptance for it. Outside of that I was able to see a history of the wall, and take a bus tour. If seeing things a little more alternative is your thing I was able to check out an abandoned Mall that turned into an artists colony with some of the most unique works of art that I will not forget anytime soon.

These are just some of the cool things you can do in Berlin, but this city allows people of any age to seek out whatever they like to do.

Why? Because you can.

Being a resident of Los Angeles I can say there are few places we as a culture look up to. We have our own media, art, style, and fashion that defines our city unique from the rest...except Berlin. These days there seems to be no place cooler then this city. Berlin is the cool kid who you want to get to know...the latest art that has everyone talking...the new guy you style your hair after...yes, that's Berlin.

As a culture of revolutionaries there is no definition of what is. This is a city that thrives off of diversity and bold statements. It is often seen strolling the many parks of the city, walking the historical streets, or drinking a beer by the canals. Artistic revolution is expressed through personal image. And though it may look rough around the edges, the true result is a very gentle an respectful culture. Even with the graffiti culture where in America we associate it with rough neighborhoods, in Berlin, graffiti in the streets merely mimics the artistic self expression we all desire. The city at times feels as though it is run by parent-less 20 and 30 somethings and oddly enough, it is the backbone of the cultural shift that is setting the stage for global trends.

With a high level of diversity welcomes a wide array of food options. You will find the best middle eastern food door to door with an indian/german fusion of currywurst. The quality and variety of food options is just as welcome as the legal ability to carry a beer with you on the streets - which in America is only in our dreams. The city itself is very inexpensive. Though every city has their fine-dining district it is also possible to spend only dollars/euros a day for fresh healthy meals. You will need the meals to keep your stamina in this sleepless city.

Unlike American nightlife that ends at 2 AM you can expect Berlin to just get going at that time. There is an array of world renowned nightlife venues that attract the hottest DJs and artists in the world. Some clubs are even known for their weekend events where you check in on Friday and dont leave until Sunday night. Though there is always a drinking culture in any city, dance is more important then getting your drink on. So be prepared to hit the dance floor! Along with dancing there is always a host of international conversationalists that tend to speak English.

The museums, the Berlin wall, the historical places - these are all plentiful. Though many areas of Berlin have been destroyed from war-era, they have been rebuilt or rejuvenated to bring out the flavor of the city. Integrated with history is technological advancement and life-changing architectures that will awaken your tastes for the unique. Among notable areas is the Sony center that also compliments remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust museum nearby, and the local parks. The simple transit system allows you to get to each area.

Go to Berlin for no other reason but because you can. You wont regret it.

So...where's the wall?

I'm a history buff and the first thing I did when I went to Berlin was look for the remains of the Berlin Wall. Well it's there, and the Germans do an amazing job of preserving it. The whole area where it is at is filled with museums and the like that discuss Berlin in the Cold War and WWII. It's an amazing experience.

Beyond that, one of the coolest things about Berlin is how INCREDIBLY cheap it is. Hostels, hotels, groceries, restaurants, tours, museums, etc... All very cheap. If you can't afford some good tours, there are free walking tours of the city led by grad students and local volunteers, as well. They're well worth it.

The city never sleeps, but always feels welcoming. Go to the Berlin Zoo and see all the baby animals there; it is primarily a breeding zoo.

I have two words for you...BABY LEOPARDS.

Museum Island

Egyptian, Greek, Islamic and more...with 5 major museums, one small island, and one pass to get you into all of them, this is an easy way to spend a day!
Cost: From 31 Euros
Visit Website

The Berlin Wall

The literal and figurative symbol of the division between the free west and communist east. Portions of the fallen wall still remain for you to visit.
Cost: Free
Visit Website

Berlin Philharmonic

The Berlin Philharmonic is among the world's best...that should be reason enough to think about buying a ticket and checking them out. But plan ahead, good things tend to sell out quickly.
Cost: Varies
Visit Website

Berlin Zoological Garden

The Berlin Zoological Garden is considered a historical landmark because of its incredible structures that survived World War II. The zoo has a number of rare species and a successful breeding program.




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