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Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America is a place that is so confident in itself that they promise relaxation and cultural authenticity in "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret," otherwise known as Belize City, Belize. There's a lot to brag about in Belize--the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, ancient Mayan excavation sites, and a vibrant tropical rainforest. While Belize started out at a natural advantage to most of the world--colorful land, pristine water, and near-perfect weather, they've also done the most with what they were born with. The country protects over 40% of their natural resources, and you would too if you were the proud owner of waterfalls teeming with colorful fish and jungles alive with exotic plant life and wildlife that would only be seen in cages elsewhere. Ancient Mayan temples emerge from the middle of the jungle and the largest cave system in all of Central America is just waiting to be explored. And if you ever, by some miracle, find yourself tired of exploring on land, you can take to the ocean to see the beautiful reef, coral, marine life, and stunning vistas in Belize City's underwater world. It is a nonstop feast for your senses while also providing luxurious relaxation.
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board

I want more!

We stopped here for one day as part of a 4-stop cruise and this was my favorite place by far (ok, maybe tied with Isle Roatan). The ladies who braided my daughter's hair along the side of the street were SO nice, just be sure to negotiate a price beforehand and to do so for the ENTIRE head or however much you want, if you do it per braid you're going to end up shelling out A LOT because they can make each braid TINY ;-)

We went out of Belize City and went tubing down a river and through some caves and then did a zipline. Everyone we met was so nice. We had some local food while waiting for the group to gather back together. Everyone was super friendly and laid back. Driving in Belize City looks like it is pretty chaotic as the cobble stone streets are narrow and not really meant for cars, and people seem to just drive wherever they feel like it. I would like to go back and go to one of the Cayes or out into the jungle more. Also, easy money exchange and everyone speaks English - so it made communciating very easy.


I just came home from Belize a week ago. We didn't actually spend any time in Belize City except as a jumping off point. We spent 8 days on Ambergris Caye and could have easily stayed another week. The water is amazing and diving the Blue Hole was a once in a lifetime experience. Food is great and Belikin is delicious! Although we could have spent the whole trip lying on the beach, there are tons of activities and tours to keep you busy. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes beaches, diving, culture or food. Have fun!
We stopped in Belize City on our way out to the island of San Pedro. We stayed at Ramon's Reef Resort right on the beach. It was an incredible vacation! We took a glass bottom boat out to the reef, went snorkeling, ate raw conch fresh out of the ocean, got caught in a rainstorm, it was amazing! San Padro is rumoured to be the honeymoon locale of Madonna and Sean Penn back in the 80s, also the inspiration for her song by the same name. It truly is a wonderful place to go, highly, highly recommend it!
This was a stop off for 1 of the cruises I was on. My wife and I went on our honeymoon on this cruise and I have never really heard of much from Belize but I tell you what, I was impressed! The ppl were amazing, the food was good, and while there we went on a water tubing trip though a couple of caves. I will never forget this trip as it was the most amazing time. I suggest going as you will not be let down.
I have lived in a developing country and that was quite enough for me. Belize is, to me, a sad little place with very poor people and very high prices. If you go to dive or visit the reef, then you will probably love it, but I would not want to go again.

Archaeology & Mayan Sites

Only an hour from Belize City, one can visit ruins dating back as far as 250 BC. Take the bus and explore on your own or take a tour for the full experience.
Cost: Varies
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Museum of Belize

Once the old Belize City prison built in 1857, the building has been restored and now contains exhibitions of Maya artifacts from sites all over the country. The most fascinating of all is the legendary jade head, the largest in the region. Other small displays include stamps, currency, various native insects, hurricanes histories as well as views of the historic prison cells.
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Belize Zoo

In this zoo the animals are not caged. You will walk through the animals native habitat and see them in their natural setting.
Cost: 137.5 BZD
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Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing is one of the most exciting shore tours offered at the Port of Belize City. Cave tubing tour specialist offers the best cave tubing tour and high energy adrenaline pumping ATV jungle tour making it an exciting adventurous things to do in Belize city.
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River Tours

Canoe through rivers with heavy jungle overgrowth and home to many reptiles, birds and animals. The clear cool waters are perfect for a swim at any of the sandy beaches.
Cost: 100 BZD
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Belize House of Culture (Government House)

Once home of the British Governor and a flashback to the old colonial British, the emancipation of slaves was observed here in 1834. The historic day of Independence was celebrated on September 21, 1981 when the British Flag was lowered and the Belize flag was raised for the first time. Today it hosts cultural events, exhibits and musical performances.
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Baron Bliss Lighthouse

The lighthouse is dedicated to and tombs Belize’s greatest benefactor, Baron Henry Edward Bliss. He visited Belize in 1926 and feel in love with the country’s beauty and people. He willed Belize $2 Million and the lighthouse is a monument in his memory honouring the thing he loved the most about our country, the sea.
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Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge-First built in 1818, the Swing Bridge has endured many renovations over the years and remains one the few manually swung bridges in Central America.
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St. John's Cathedral

St John’s Cathedral is the first Protestant Church building to be built in Central America; this cathedral was built in 1812 by the English and will be celebrating its 200 year anniversary this year. It is made of red bricks and was the site of the coronation of 3 Kings of the Mosquito Coast.
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Orchid Garden Eco-Village Museum Belize

Exhibitions of art created only by nature.
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