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If you can be rich in history, then Beijing, China is a multi-billionaire. With places like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer palace, Beijing is home to all of these. Museums, parks, and internationally reknowned world wonders keep things interesting for the entire family and the vibrant local energy is invigorating. Not only is the architecture beautiful to behold, the natural mountains, waterfalls, and lush green forests are inspiring. If you thought you liked Chinese food before, Beijing may ruin it for you...because after eating the delicious delicacies that this city has to offer, no Chinese buffet will ever be quite as satisfying. While Beijing is home to international, recognizable labels and fashion, the real treats are found in the quirky Beijing fashion, handmade crafts, and stunning silk work. Metros, taxis, and walkable trails make exploring this city, with an endless wealth of options, easy for visitors.
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Photo Credit: Todd Davis
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Remarkable Beijing

Spend an afternoon at the Summer Palace, and make sure that your camera battery is fully charged. The reflections off the lilly ponds are absolutely fantastic! If your schedule allows, experience the Great Wall with a hike from Jinshanling to Simatai. This stretch of Great Wall covers approximately ten kilometers and is punctuated with watch towers, steep staircases, and incredible views. Bring water and comfortable walking shoes.

The Donghuamen Night Market is a zoo of skewered and fried delights. A strong stomach and daring attitude are necessary to troll these unconventional food stalls where you will see everything from lizard candy to scorpion tails. After sampling an appetizer at the market, head to a local restaurant for szechuan chicken or "hot pots," a spicy broth where you cook your choice of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Finally, set your alarm to catch the flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square. The precision of the military band alone is astounding! Allow the rest of the day to wander around the Forbidden City. Try an audio tour and prepare to be amazed at the sheer size of this architectural marvel.

Wo Ai Zhongguo!

Ni Hao! The Forbidden City is worth a visit. They have done an excellent job of preserving the history of the city but I am going to question the authenticity of the ham and cheese sandwiches being served at the cafeteria! Be sure to have Peking Duck for dinner, eat the duck – you will not be disappointed! Be prepared if you visit the Great Wall to fight for your life to use a washroom. You don’t have to mind your P’s and Q’s there. You find a stall and you own it. I would actually suggest this approach in most bathrooms in China. It is always good to be armed with TP and hand sanitizer because for the most part there isn't any provided in the bathrooms. The Panjiayuan Market is AMAZING be sure to go before sunrise. This is a massive flea market where you can wander the endless aisles of little shops and find treasures from used to new. One thing I absolutely love about Beijing is how people enjoy dancing and interacting with each others in parks. I would say hit up the park at the Temple of Heaven and if you throw out a smile you will most likely be invited to dance!


Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and much more
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Start with the Beijing Capital Museum with 5 floors of unique Chinese art. Over 200,000 objects! Also try the Aquarium of the Palace Museum
Cost: USD $1.55
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Visit the many parks and gardens in and around the city. They are alive with beautiful flowers and peaceful views.
Cost: Free
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