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If the idea of going somewhere beautiful only to lounge around the whole time seems like a waste to you, then Bar Harbor may be your perfect vacation spot. Nestled on the charming northeast coast of Maine, Bar Harbor sits right on the Atlantic Ocean and is the ideal vacation spot for families and those with adventurous spirits. Music festivals, museums, water sports, and golf (courses weave through the mountains, through waterfalls, up to the coast) keep things entertaining. If you can imagine biking through those same mountains, riding beside a sparkling lake, down to the shore where you can whale watch or kayak off the coastline, then hurry and book your trip to Bar Harbor.
Photo Credit: Maine Office of Tourism
Photo Credit: Maine Office of Tourism
Photo Credit: Maine Office of Tourism
Photo Credit: Greg A
  • Harborside Hotel & Marina

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  • Bar Harbor Inn

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  • Bar Harbor Manor

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    I was only here for one day...actually, part of one day. I will remember the lobster FOREVER!
    You must go to Maine just for the experience of eating the local food!
    Try to plan your trip so that it coincides with Taste of Bar Harbor. It's in May, which is also perfect for visiting Acadia National Park!

    The food and entertainment will amaze you and you'll sleep all night long at the quaint B&B with
    your windows wide open in the middle of the summer! Or if you're an outdoors adventurer, camping, hiking, and fishing are EVERYWHERE around you here. Tune out the buzz of the big city, and tune into the sound of the breeze in the trees!

    This is a town for relaxation...plan for slowing down and breathing deep!
    My husband and I went to Bar Harbor for our honeymoon and stayed at the Two Cats Inn. LOVED IT! It's a great, fairly quiet town on the water. An amazing place, beautiful.
    It is such a peaceful place to be to relax and take in the scenic landscape. Will definitely return!

    Acadia National Park

    Step away from the bustle of modern like in the first national park east of the Mississippi. Packed with scenic views, campsites, and trails, this is the perfect place to unplug.
    Cost: From $5
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    Whale Watching

    Spend some time working on your sea-legs and enjoying the size and majesty of some of nature's largest and most amazing creatures. Tours are also available for puffins, seals, lobster fishing and more.
    Cost: Varies
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    Air Tour

    Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a fighter pilot experience in a WWII plane or if you'd just like to take in the view on a scenic flight, an air tour could be just the thing for you.
    Cost: Varies
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    Planning Tip

    Bar Harbor is the main access point to Acadia National Park - another destination on Jauntaroo.




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