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When you're a kid, you imagine a place where elephants roam the streets. Where you can buy fried grasshoppers from a man on the street. Where grand palaces are scattered throughout the city. Sadly, you grow up and realize that life can't actually be that exciting. Well, I've got news for you, my dream-deprived friend. There is a place that magical and that place is called Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok's personality is multifaceted. On one side, it's a little bit of welcomed chaos. Busy streets filled with vendors selling quirky and uniquely Thai items are a way of life in Bangkok. On the other side, Bangkok is a religious and cultural haven. Temples line the streets. Beautiful, marble-floored places of worship offer giant gold Buddhas to meditate, pray to, or simply admire. And one of the most important elements of Bangkok's personality is its penchant for deliciously spicy food. If you thought you liked Thai food before, you'll have your mind blown with the food you'll find in Bangkok, whether you eat at upscale restaurants or cheap shacks on the street, your taste buds will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth

probably all true...

everything you have heard about Bangkok is probably true, and you will love it or hate it. .....but at the end you will learn to like it and somehow miss it. If you want a city destination in SE Asia, this is it. But it is also a great arrival point to explore the north of the country and is amazing culture and world renown heritage (HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT) and then return to then continue south to the beaches, sun and fun. There is plenty to do in Bangkok, but at least visit the 'must see' any guide will tell you.

Bustling Bangkok -The World In One City

From novice gap year student, holiday abroad, or the experienced jet-setting world traveler; whoever you are or whenever you arrive in Bangkok you will always be surprised by the magnitude of adventure all encompassed in one city. Bangkok's Khaosan Road, is a backpacker’s hotspot for starting out your Thailand adventures—or get lost in the night lights and never ending party. In Bangkok you can book flights, get on travel excursions and find just about any other type of adventure. Bangkok could be described as a sensory overload of sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and hearing. If it were possible to cram the entire world into one location and size it down you would find yourself in Bangkok. You can get a rush from sitting with the locals at a street stall chomping on some Pad Thai noodles or hot spicy pork and broth to luxurious high end rooftop clubs and hotels along the river front. Regardless, Bangkok is a phenomenal experience of multi cultural diversification.


same same but different

After a long journey, Bangkok welcomes you with a lot of noise, a warm sultry humidity and an abundant supply of food. The sight and smell of the innumerable amount of food stands, restaurants, street vendors but also their waste is amazing and overwhelming.

Bangkok is big, vibrant, dynamic, loud and dirty. But is that a reason to stay away? Not al all! Bangkok is Asia, “not same same” as Europe where I come from and therefore appealing and energizing, awakening your curiosity.

Just go prepared, make sure you have a place to go where you can relax and leave your luggage. You really don’t want to walk around with suitcases trying to find your way. The streets of Bangkok are too hot and too chaotic to be dragging around your luggage while trying to find a hotel. Taxi drivers will ask for the hotel’s telephone number to check directions. Many of them don’t read English and will not understand the address on your reservation. There’s no free Wi-Fi either and you will probably not be able to connect to your own provider.

And then, after a good rest, meal and shower, you are ready to explore the city!
Bangkok really is a shopping’s paradise. You can find almost anything in the numerous shopping malls and at the markets. In this city it’s almost impossible to hear a vendor say “sorry, no have”. Do you like electronics? Go to Pantip Plaza. For fashion, accessories and other luxury items visit MBK, Emporium or Platinum Shopping Mall. And for real Thai Silk go to the Jim Thompson Factory Outlet on Soi Sukhumit 93. The markets are hot and crowded, but they offer the best prices. Don’t forget to bargain and always, yes always with a smile. “Good for you, good for me”.

This also goes for transport such as tuk-tuks and taxis. A ride from the airport to downtown Bangkok is about 400 bath. A tuk-tuk takes you anywhere for 100 – 150 bath. Trust your guts and don’t jump into the first vehicle you see. Some drivers offer very low prices, but they will take you to a shop of a relative or friend where you are ‘stimulated’ to buy stuff you probably don’t want or need.

Another fantastic trick is the friendly English teacher who approaches tourists asking if they need help finding their way. Do you want to go to that temple, or that shopping mall? “No, it’s not open ‘till 12. But you are lucky, only today! One day a year the lucky Buddha is open. He will bring you fortune, yes lucky Buddha!” And before you know it, the jovial man will push you into a tuk-tuk that just happened to pass by when you were talking to him. Just smile, thank him and walk away.

Bangkok offers more than just shops and fantastic restaurants. Musea, temples, the zoo, massage salons, the floating market, an exhilarating nightlife -with or without beautiful scantily dressed dancers-, it’s all there.

And from this astonishing city, you can always rent a car and get away to one of the beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Thailand. The roads are good and the Thai are very easy and polite drivers. Outside the city it’s easy and fun. If you don’t like driving and if you’re a good bargainer, just arrange a minibus or a taxi or take the train.

Of course, “up to you”, but I recommend visiting Bangkok and be amazed.

Don't Forget the Rest of Thailand

Bangkok is beautiful. The temples are incredible and the sky bar was a once in a lifetime experience. However, while in Thailand I had the chance to see Chaing Mai and Phuket as well. All I can say is, there's definitely more to this country than the city. If you ever get the chance to go to Bangkok, I would tell you to take it in a heartbeat. But I would make sure to leave room in your trip to venture out- there's a lot more to see beyond Bangkok. The markets, beaches, and food around the country will put Bangkok to shame.

Old and New, side by side

Thailand was really unique, a mesh of old traditions and history standing beside huge malls and skyscrapers. We took the very modern skyrail towards the water and then headed on a boat ride down the river to Wat Pho, one of the oldest and largest Buddhist temples where we saw the humongous reclining Buddha, very funny trying to get a shot of yourself with a 141 foot long by 49 foot tall gold statue. This was also where we received one of many Thai massages along our trip, a must place to see and experience.

At night we did check out Pat Pong, the red light district. I would be careful in this area for pick pockets as well paying full price for anything - you can always negotiate and it's expected. If you have enough time, make sure you plan to spend an entire day at the Chatuchak Weekend Market where you can find everything from furniture, food, art, and animals for sale. The place is huge and it's easy to get lost among the stalls, I know there were so many places we didn't get to but I was able to get most of my presents for people back home on this one excursion. The only thing we didn't get to that I would have at least liked to have seen and photographed was the floating market. I've heard it's best to get there super early before it gets too packed but it is expensive and not exactly off the beaten path anymore.

Bangkok was actually where I celebrated my 30th birthday and I couldn't have picked a better place for my adventure. We found a cute place to eat for breakfast in a westernized area of Bangkok, did some yoga at a studio we had been told about and friends who live there surprised me with a dinner at a German Brewery called "Tawandang German Brewery" that is very popular with Thai people. The food was great, the beer was good but it was the live variety show that was fantastic with its different performances ranging from modern american music, traditional Thai, funny skits and the patrons singing and dancing along to their favorites.

Bangkok is a fantastic city to get lost in, a place to see both the history and traditions of the past but also be close enough to the modern conveniences that many are looking for on their adventures.


Lots of fun if you can put up with the hassle bustle, Great food, sightseeing, Thai massages, transportation on e river ...old charm and yet modern conveniences.

Busy, Bustle, Fun!

Bangkok is a very easy city to navigate, lots to see and do, great food, great people, low prices - easy to get around the country. One of my favorite vacation spots!

Thai...I want to came back!!

I love Thailandia, I spend 2 weeks with a friend there, and we visit Bangkok, Koh phangan, Koh nang yuan, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi Don.
We loved people, so friendly and I understand why people call Thailandia, "the Smile country", everybody gives you a smile for everything.
Good people, good places, wonderful culture.

Ready for some Culture Shock! (in a positive way!)

Bangkok will blow your mind! As westernized citizens you will guaranteed get a culture shock when you arrive. All the hustling and bustling, the traffic, the noise, the huge amount of people and their local daily routine! But hey, you visit a place to get to know other places! So loose yourself into that crazy city! Explore the food culture, the crazy nightlife, the amazing architectural masterpieces and enjoy the taste of one of the most vibrant cities on earth!!!

The most exotic city!!!!

The most exotic city in the world. Bangkok is a big city which have so many things to offer for example, food, architecture, old town, riverside, nightlife, shopping, best service, friendliness, fake goods, red light district, spa, plastic surgery clinics, hospitel( hospital+hotel) etc. you can enjoy the nice hotel and the best service in affordable price like Fraser sathorn, tenfaces and many chain hotels. There are wide range of nightlife from sky bar, disco, Irish pub, live music, ago go and gay club. Thais hospitality is one of the most well known in the world you won't be disappointed. This is also a dream for fashion victim because Bangkok offer a big variety of shopping mall, night market and outdoor market like JJ market. Spa lover should not missed Thai massage be sure to tell them to do it soft if it is your first time. Old town offer a beautiful temple, castle and university. Who dose not like thai food? Trust me treet food are the best food in Thailand but not the cleanest place.


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