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Although it might seem like a contradiction, the Indonesian island of Bali is the perfect vacation spot for both the spirit needing peace and the spirit needing adventure. Life in Bali is closely tied to "Tri Hita Karana," a belief in the spiritual relationship between people, God, and their environment. Since becoming a major tourist destination, especially after being named the world's best island by The International Travel Magazine, Bali has managed to both embrace the development while still retaining what makes it uniquely and simply Bali. Balinese culture is famous for their arts, with music and dance that is unique to Bali. And Bali's large number of Hindus and Buddhists, religions which have mixed with pre-Hindu mythologies, make Bali a religious retreat for many seeking peaceful meditation and growth. But that is not to say that they don't know how to have fun in Bali. The sandy beaches are perfect for cliff diving. The mountains provide a range of hikes, all of which provide stunning scenery and shocking views. You can even explore ancient temples and jungles abounding in wildlife. And when you've adequately exhausted yourself, reward your tired spirit with a relaxing dip in the warm Arabian Sea.
Photo Credit: Embassy of Indonesia
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Embassy of Indonesia
Photo Credit: Eng Chun Chia
Photo Credit: Molly Shi
Photo Credit: Embassy of Indonesia
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office-Budaya
Photo Credit: Denz Zani
Photo Credit: Embassy of Indonesia
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Bali Government Tourism Office

great destination

it's great, very safe, very fine people, good food

The miracle of Bali

Many people say that wherever you go in Bali you can feel the spirits, the love and the uniqueness of the friendly people. Many people say that there is magic in the air. I can not agree more with all of this. I had the chance to live on the island for 3 months and I can definitely say that it really was a life changing experience.

From every little corner there is someone trying to sell you something that you probably don't even need. There are children who point at you and call you 'Bule' and people who want to take pictures with you. Nevertheless, everyone smiles at you, asks you 'How are you, Mr.' and what's more, they really want to know. The country is developing still, mainly because of the mass tourism but it is yet poor in comparisson to the western countries. However, people are happy! People have faith! They love, they pray, they are open-minded and they are grateful.

This is an island full arts and culture. There are performances, rituals and ceremonies everywhere you go. A place where you would want to get lost and discover the secrets, yet hidden from the many tourists in Kuta and Ubud. If you want to go to a place that will change you and make you feel more alive than ever - go to Bali and dive into the culture that it offers.

Choose your poison

Bali is a different experience for every type of person. So before you get tips, make sure you know who is giving you the advice because it varies from person to person.

**The Honeymooners: Stay at one of the hotels on Nusa Dua or in Jimbaran. Get 5 star treatment and break away by renting a chauffeur driven car to local hot spots.

**The Party People: It's all about Kuta and the Double Six area. Just be careful and stay away from any drugs. It's the death penalty out there and you are dealing with Indonesian justice.

**The Local Travellers: Rent a villa in Canggu, break away to Ubud for a day trip, discover hidden beaches like Geger or check out surf at Ecco. Best mode of transport is car or scooter, but be careful. Traffic is hectic and carry about $5 of cash to pay off cops in case you get pulled over for being foreign. Make friends with the expats because they really know what's going down.

**The Holistic people: Stay in Ubud, Sanur and break away to Gili Islands.

If you decide to break away from the areas above, there is plenty of undeveloped coastline. Just don't drive those roads at night and plan on sleeping over. Den Pasar is their 'city', but it's only worth a day trip. Going on a scuba trip is fun, but the reefs are destroyed. Seek some temples and make some new friends. True adventure only comes when you are off the beaten path, eating $1 meals and sitting with the locals.

Quick tips:

- Best dinner - Jimbaran beach (choose Metega)
- Best drinks - Rumors (cheap) / Kudeta (expensive) / Rock bar (expensive)
- Best club - Sky bar
- Best live events - Hard Rock
- Best massage - personal masseuses that are recommended and come to your villa for $10 per/hr.
- Best deal - when you bargain, but remember it's worth what you paid for it at the time. No regrets ;)

Magic place

Bali is a touristic island of Indonesia! the old culture is still there, but currently is hidden by fast-food and western style bars.
You have to travel around the island and leave behind you towns near the airport like Kuta and Legian.
All the temples are beautiful and the sunset will leave you speechless

Not Indonesia

Don't get me wrong. Bali is amazing. The local Balinese are extremely nice and wonderful people and the culture is still rich with anceint Hindu rituals and ceremonies...BUT. Bali is only a tourist destination. Thousands upon thousands of travelers flock there and more times than not you see more white people than actual Indonesians. If you want the real Indonesian experience for the same price with more activities, go somewhere else! Java is teeming with culture and ancient temples (aka Borobudur and Prambanan) Kalimantan still has untouched jungles and Sumatra has it all! Go anywhere else.
nice cultures and great beaches & landscape!
This place was beautiful.
I have been to Fiji about ten times, taking advantage of a lay over in my trips to Australia. The last time i went i ventured to Bali and was amazed at the breathtaking scenery and the fact that it has not been taken over by touristy hotels. I love to go off the beaten path and experience the country, rather than stay at a resort and hang out with a bunch of tourists. Amazing beaches, food and the people are amazing.

The island is interesting but overrun with tourists. Definitely the place to go if you are Australian and looking to drink. The biggest disappointment for many visitors is the island does not have many beaches, and the ones that are there are small, and usually dirty.

Monkeys in the Wild

Venture into the dense forest of Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana (AKA the Sacred Monkey Forest) and experience ancient temples and, of course, monkeys!
Cost: ~$3
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With warm weather and surfable conditions somewhere on the island, you might want to take a day out of your trip and sign up for a surf lesson!
Cost: Varies
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Mount Batur

Brace yourself for an early morning hike over black sand and lava to watch the sunrise from the top of this volcano.
Cost: ~$60
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Visit the Temples

There are many spiritual and beautiful temples to visit while in Bali.
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Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple").
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