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How could you fall in love with a place named "City of 100 Lovers" by the ancient native? Auckland, New Zealand has all of the benefits of an island vacation--great weather and perfect beaches--with the added flair of the unique Maori culture. Rainforest and dormant volcanoes cover the landscape making it a visual feast for the senses. The beaches are so beautiful, they look like paintings. Maori culture is reflected everywhere you look. You can study it a bit by visiting one of the many museums or art galleries. Or you can experience it by taking part in a traditional Maori ceremony and feast. Outdoor markets also provide fascinating shopping and people-watching opportunities. The adventurous spirit will be delightfully exhausted in Auckland, with water sports, kayaking, sailing, and bungee jumping available all over the island. But if you feel like letting someone else do the work, you can hop on a horse for a sunset horseback ride along the shore. Wineries and vineyards add an extra dose of luxury to your Auckland vacation, although you'll never be able to eat seafood again without longing for the off-the-boat-fresh culinary experience you had while in Auckland.
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City by itself ok, lots of awesome things if you know what to look for

The city by itself is nice to stroll through, but the awesome parts are the ones you need to seek out. The MOTAT (Museum of Transportation and Technology) could be a day-long destination of its own. Take a ferry across the bay for amazing views of the city.

modern doors to New Zealand

This cosmopolitan, beautiful and picture perfect city is your entry to explore a country that will amaze you every turn you make. It's restaurants, parks, modern architecture, museums and nightlife are some of the highlights. Take a drive up north to one of the beautiful beaches, or head south to explore some of the magical wonders the North Island offers. People in Auckland and NZ in general are extremely friendly and welcoming. You will want to stay longer !!!


I've been there this year and i lived there for 6 months . Its a really quite and beautiful place . Have a lot of culture mixed in Auckland , good for meet people from a lot parts of the world
I've been fortunate to have been able to travel to quite a few fascinating places but this was my
favorite. It has beauty, mystery, friendly inhabitants and when you get the itch to do some shopping, it's there for you. We took a tour up into the mountains and to a sheep farm where the family treated us to a lamb barbeque that was to die for! Of all the foreign places I've traveled to, New Zealand has, by far, the friendliest people. I came away from New Zealand thinking, "I would love to live here!"
One of the best trips I have taken. Love nz. Has something for everyone.
Wonderful city with lots to do and very friendly people. The city is very saf and clean plus so much to do and see in the city and short distnces from.
Took a trip here back in April 2011 and it was AMAZING. Most trips go you on for a week or so and it's kinda nice to be back...not New Zealand. I would love to live here. People are very friendly and there's TONS of stuff to do. Literally, you can drive about an hour any direction (on the opposite side of the road) from Auckland and hit amazing beaches, mountains, hills covered with sheep, wat

Beach Horse Rides

Ride from 1 hour to 7 days! Paddock riding for children. Ride along beaches and forests or find secluded lakes for a romantic lunch.
Cost: $60 and up
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Swim, repel, slide or jump down spectacular canyons and sub-tropical rainforests. Transportation, lunch and equipment included. You pick your level of adventure. NO experience required.
Cost: Varies
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A haunted horror theme park. Great for kids during the day, but 16 and older only at night!
Cost: NSD $25 for adults/$17 for children
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[NZD] New Zealand Dollar


Auckland International Airport [AKL]