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What if there were a place with so many sparkling, luscious beaches that you could visit a different one every single day? Well, with Antigua's 365 beaches, they boast enough beaches for every day of the year. The vast expanse of sandy beaches means that it's not too hard to find a luxuriously secluded spot to escape reality. The same massive coral reefs that caused shipwrecks for sailors back in the day now provide an alluring atmosphere for snorkeling and scuba diving. And if you've ever had an inkling to take up a new hobby, cricket is wildly popular and can be played all over the island.
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
Photo Credit: franbanks1
  • Villas of Distinction

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    Semana Santa!

    I was fortunate enough to make it to Antigua for the cities Easter celebrations, also known as Semana Santa. I was absolutely blown away by the unity of the community and those who flooded to Antigua to take part. Many of the streets were closed to vehicles as volunteers spend hours stenciling colourfully unique and intricate "alfombras" (carpets) using dyed sawdust, sand and flowers. Intense amount of detail and dedication are contributed to each carpet only for them to be destroyed later on by a passing procession. Processions run around the clock involving close to 100 devotees as the float is carried through the streets by participants dressed in traditional costumes.

    The city was alive 24/7 with celebrations which made the party easy to find. I stopped by a local dance studio to brush up on my salsa dancing skills which was incredibly fun and only enhanced my nightlife experience.

    Paddles Kayaking

    Paddle through the pristine waters and through aged mangroves as you explore the views and wildlife Antigua has to offer
    Cost: Prices Vary by Season
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    Stingray City

    Spend a day snorkeling and experiencing the brightest rays in the Caribbean. Touch, feed and interact with these beautiful creatures in a controlled environment with experienced staff to guide the way.
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    Half Moon Bay

    Perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island, enjoy the soft pink sand of Half Moon Bay. the turquoise water and spectacular scenery will complete your vacation
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