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Amsterdam, the largest city in Holland, is one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe. This uniquely charming and trendy metropolis is filled to the brim with culture, history and entertainment. Extremely helpful and easy to use public transportation allows visitors to freely access shopping at outdoor markets, boutiques and department stores, serene canal cruises, nearly a hundred festivals throughout the year, museums, and historic Dutch communities. The Dutch are very environmentally-friendly people, often preferring to use bicycles are their primary mode of transportation. In fact, there are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people! Additionally, no matter what kind of music you're into--rock, pop, electronic, or jazz--Amsterdam is a hot spot for entertainment. If you enjoy history and education, Amsterdam will keep you enthralled with various museums and outdoor areas like the Amsterdam Noord.
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board

...and the surrounding areas!

Because the country is so small, I'd like to comment on the places around Amsterdam, for a more widespread view of everything that's accessible in a short amount of travel time. When you clear the city limit, you can immediately see the windmills, fields of flowers, and farms. You can do several short excursions in one day if you plan them out, leaving time for lunch and luxury.

The international flower market in Aalsmeer, is the largest in the world, and within the enormous building, you can observe all the operations on a walking tour track above the hubbub! Be prepared to enjoy the smells and sights. Go early in the day because that is when the most activity is happening. This is one of the most organized, clean, and delightful places to witness the plant and flower industry in full swing.

On the other end of the flower spectrum, you should visit the botanical gardens at Keukenhof. I recommend going early in the year if you can, because of the dazzling show of Spring bloomers, including the multitudes of tulips, the national flower of the Netherlands. Be prepared for rain and shine, and have your batteries fully charged as you'll be taking thousands of photos and videos. The orchid exhibit is extreme eye candy! You can walk, ride a bike, and even see the immense gardens by boat. There are lunching pavilions and the gift shops ships bulbs and plants internationally, so buy from the best!

For hundreds of years, the Dutch have reclaimed land by the use of watermills and windmills, which are still in use today as green power and to keep the water out. You can see them dotting the landscape, but if you like to see how things work, and wheels and cogs turn your crank, take a tour to see the historic innovations. You can even stay in hotels that are inside windmills!

You can tour Holland by bicycle. Yes, all of Holland is linked by bike roads, and the entire country is very flat, so it's not a huge challenge if you're used to riding long distances. Stop along the way and visit dairy festivals in farming communities like Alkmaar, and Den Bosch. You'll surely pedal off the calories of the beer and bread & cheese!

Whether you're traveling with kids, or you're just a kid at heart, PLEASE go to Efteling. It's more fairytale than Disney, and their newest water show is the largest in Europe. The rides here are interesting, as some are propelled by machine, but some you must pedal your way or row your way to your destination! There are onsite hotel options if you're too tired to make it back to Amsterdam and they even have a new enchanting village with cottages and apartments.

One of the most well known trades of traditional Holland is Delft earthenware, painted in Delft Blue. The tradition has survived for centuries and lives on today. Save a few extra Euro to get a souvenir piece for your mother-in-law! Or maybe a pair of wooden shoes would suit her better!

Stop at Nijmegen to experience the history of Holland's extraordinary Street Organs. These wonders are elaborately painted and decorated and bring back a pre-war nostalgia that makes you feel like a kid again! These organs take years to build and are cranked by hand. They read a punch-hole card like a player piano, and are more then just pipe organs, it's an orchestra on wheels. Some enormous, some small. They are a sight to behold; check out the museum or walk around the streets and see how many you can spot on one day!

No matter how far away from Amsterdam you travel, you'll notice the architecture, the technology, and the flowers. Holland has it all from the past, the present, and the Dutch are leading the way into the future!

PS, you'll feel very comfortable speaking English here.


More than just smoke and mirrors.

So, when people think about Amsterdam they obviously think of the more, "extreme," pass times of the city. However, Amsterdam offers so much more than the Smoke Shops and red light areas. You can go to the Anne Frank House and get a good depiction of what it was like to hide your lives and existence from the Nazi empire. You can go to the Heineken factory and get a personalized bottle on your departure.

Most of all, however; I think Amsterdam is great for just being able to walk around the canals of the city, go to a small local restaurant, and just relax. This city is very busy, but very accommodating. Take a walk through the old neighborhoods and see their great canal homes. You won't regret it. Oh, they also have some amazing coffee by the way.

Another dimension

Just crazy, just a expressly required place to go.... words for what

Careful with the bikes....
João Paulo


Amsterdam holds a lot of promises for foreigners. Drugs, sex & rock 'n roll. The city symbols are a good visualization of that promise: XXX. Lately however it has gotten a bit more difficult for foreigners. They invented a weed-pass, which virtually only gives the right to buy and smoke weed to the locals. On the other hand, the red light district is downsizing every year. Now not all shops are so strict with the weed-passes, so don't be scared just yet. And there are still enough 'window-shopping' to be done in the red light district.
Besides these obvious 'attractions', Amsterdam has lots of other things to offer. They are THE flower city and flower markets are a common thing. The nice streets and buildings also add some value to the city. If you like the occasional museum, there is Van
Gogh, the Anne Frank house and plenty more..
It is definitely worth your visit, but if you are not a weed-smoker or you're not into prostitutes, don't expect too much.

The city of the bikes

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and very interesting. It has a beautiful park called Vondelpark where the people go to socialize and to relax. There are several canals that remind Veneze and the shapes and colors of the buildings follow always the same standard, which make Amsterdam uniq. The people are good looking and very warm.

The public transport is very good, but most of the people prefer to ride a bike instead of taking a bus, taxi or tram. The quantity of bikes in the city surprised me. You can also hire a bike to visit the city if you want. Some hotels offer to their guests a bike for free.

One of the most visited attractions is the the Anne Frank's house, where a Jewish girl lay hidden from the Nazis with her family and friends for two years during World War 2.

There is a region in the down town called Leidse-Plein where you can spend the day. It is a very nice area to eat and to emerge in the local culture.

I would recommend you to take a canal cruise. This superb tour gives you some of the most visually exciting and powerful experiences the city of Amsterdam has to offer. View the historic monuments and beautiful canal side homes built by wealthy merchants. See the houses reflected in the canals and the quaint cobbled streets, etc.

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a trip to the Van Gogh Museum. Born in the Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh is arguably one of the most famous painters of all time and the Van Gogh Museum has the largest collection of his works.

Art and nature!

Amsterdam has amazing parks and a beautiful nature. It is also a place where you can find very interesting museums of contemporary art.
The city is bike friendly, and it's lovely to explore it by bike.
Nightlife is peculiar and interesting as well!

That litte city that could

Amsterdam is tiny. When you compare it to behemoths such as Paris and London it is all but a fraction-of-a-fraction of the size of those cities. However the Dutch capital packs a TKO punch just as if it were a heavy weight champion in the ring. From abustling eateries open at all hours of the night to a district where one can shop for the perfect "partner" from a window framed in red neon lights this "little city that could" will leave you wowed!

Unique, Amazing, Vibrant - You gotta go!

Amsterdam is one of those cities that you can keep going back to. It is such a dynamic and vibrant city. Here are some musts when visiting:

The Anne Frank House: Her story is so moving and inspiring. Hint: Avoid the lines and buy tickets before you go. The day we went, the line was around the corner to get in, but we already had our tickets and walked right in.

The Van Gogh Museum: This museum houses the houses the worlds largest collection of his works.

Rijksmuseum: The State Museum - home to Rembrandt's "NIght Watch."

Museum Hint: You can avoid the lines by purchasing your tickets ahead of time online. And if you are going to visit several museums in Holland, consider purchasing a Museumkaart. You can buy this at select museums.

The Heineken Experience: For the beer lover - an interactive tour through the world of Heineken. You can avoid the lines by buying your ticket online.

Museumplein: A huge park near all the major museums. It's a great place to have a picnic on a sunny day. And of course you need to get a picture infront of the "I Amsterdam" sign.

Canal Cruise: Normally I am not a fan of such touristy things to do, but this is truly a great way to see the city.

Walk, Walk, Walk: Amsterdam is a great walking city, just watch out as the Dutch take bike riding seriously and bikes seem to have the right-of-way.

Visit the Red Light District: You can't visit Amsterdam without going through the district.

Don't leave without trying:
- Herring, yes Herring and you eat it RAW: Go to Subbe's Haring for this delicacy.
- Pancakes: I'm sure this sounds better than the Herring. Try Pancakes! Amsterdam - a little touristy and pricy, but delicious.
- Apple Pie: Go to Winkel 43 and indulge in this little piece of heaven.
- Genever: The original gin, need I say more.
- A Brown Cafe: Brown cafes are Amsterdam's version of a pub. Bring cash and hang out like a local. Try Arendsnest where they have over 30 Dutch beers on tap and they only serve Dutch beers or De Zotte with over 130 Belgian beers.
- A rijsttafel, or rice table: This is an experience! It's an Indonesian feast. I like Restaurant Blauw.
- If you are not on a budget: Try De Kas (Mediterranean cuisine) - this restaurant is located in a 75-year-old greenhouse.

And if you want to do something a little different, head to Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) and check out the Climbingpark Fun Forest where you can choose from 9 different climbing courses.

Simply amazing

I had heard a lot about Amsterdam and all of it was true! During the day you can walk around the canals, enjoy a picnic in a park, rent a bicycle and bike all over town, visit the museums at the Museum square and much more. During the night you can visit the famous Red light district (if you are not offended by the idea of seeing sex workers) or enjoy any of the many bars and cafes.


All in all, the city is very beautiful with its canals and pubs.
The great number of museums are a joy to everyone, but if this is not your cup of tea, just relax in one of the city's many corners and enjoy the view.

Anne Frank Museum

Visit the museum of the famous Anne Frank to experience artifacts and see what inspired her to write The Diary of Anne Frank, one of the most widely read literature pieces on the Second World War
Cost: From 9 Euros pp
Visit Website

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Visit this Orchestra and experience one of the world's most amazing acoustic buildings. Built in the 19th century, this Orchestra offers frequent performance for the musically inclined
Cost: Prices Vary
Visit Website

Van Gogh Museum

This museum houses the world's largest collection of paintings by the famous Vincent Van Gogh. You can see more than 200 paintings and over 600 hand drawings by the artist.
Cost: From 14 Euro pp (Under 17 are free)
Visit Website

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience takes up four floors and has 18 attractions with several interactive exhibits. Here you'll experience Heineken's rich history and the tradition and craft of brewing. You'll also learn about the people behind this multinational company, now the biggest international beer distributor in the world.
Cost: From 15 Euro Per Person
Visit Website




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