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If we get better with age, imagine how awesome a 9 thousand year old city must be. Amman, Jordan, founded in 7000 B.C., is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In recent years, it has also been named one of the best cities in the world and one of the richest, most Western-oriented cities in the Middle East. The city is booming with people from all different places and all different cultures. And despite millions of tourists flooding in and out, Amman has managed to achieve a delicate balance between retaining its ancient feel, look and traditions, while also embracing modern cosmopolitan luxuries. The same city that houses street vendors selling everything from lunch to fine clothing as well as ancient souks and Roman Ruins, is also home to McDonald's and T.G.I. Friday's. Trendy and surprisingly liberal nightclubs and massive malls selling many international labels are now common place, while ancient architecture and cultural museums keep the city historically enlightening.
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
Photo Credit: Visit Jordan
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    The Rose City

    Petra is a very interesting place to visit! It is a ancient city carved in stones for a people called Nabataeans. It reminds the Flintstones cartoon or even one of the Indiana Jones adventures. Petra is also called the Rose City due to the color of the sandstone.

    Petra is one of the most exotic places I have ever been! I could not image that it was possible to engrave houses, temples, streets, amphitheater and cemeteries like I saw in Petra.

    Amman, the capital of Jordan also surprised me for its beauty and organization. It is not like other cities in the Middle East. Actually you will find a modern city with a warm people wearing their traditional clothes.

    Float in History

    If you looking for a chilled place to enjoy short vacation and get back in history, mingle with the locals then this is a place to go to.

    The dead sea is just 1 hour drive from the city. It is the lowest point on earth and you'll be able to enjoy the sun, wrap your body with natural mud and experience floating while reading your favourite newsletter. The mud from the dead sea is natural mineral rich that removes all the dead skin cells, dirt and toxins leaving you body silk, fresh and soft. It's basically having a spa treatment right on the beach and on your own way, so I would definetly encourage you not to miss this unique experience.

    As for the city, it is a chilled out small city, with low traffic so you'll be able to go around check the town center and visit little boutiques without worrying to waste time on traffic.
    Don't forget to check the hand-made sovouneirs and arts that you can take back home with you.

    Unfortaunetly, I haven't been to Petra, but if you get more time make sure to wear your comfortable pair of shoes and hit the walk tour in history (It's about 4 hour drive from the city).

    We were just there for one day. I was a lone female with children (my husband was napping) and we decided to go walking in the nearby market after exploring the Roman ruins of the Philadelphia amphitheater (which by the way is the middle picture on this site..the other two are of Petra and some distance from Amman)...anyway, I was being grabbed by the men in the crowd and clutched my children to me and ran for our hotel. I have traveled extensively and lived in the Middle East for several years and this was the only place where men touched me. I was absolutely furious and have never forgotten that and do not think I was dressed provacatively, I was wearing a denim jumpsuit and covered from neck to ankles to wrists which is not even required in Jordan which is more westernized. I would never go again.
    Actually Petra is in Wadi Musa and not Amman. Petra is really neat and I enjoyed it thoroughly plus some hiking in the vicinity. Amman was ok. The Jordanian people are great and very honest. They will go out of their way to help you, very friendly and great people. They rank as my top people.


    A true national treasure, Petra is a three hour drive south of Amman and legacy of the Nabataeans. Petra's breath taking architecture is hidden deep in a desert gorge and enchants visitors from around the globe.
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    Half-day City Tour

    Amman / Madaba / Mount Nebo / Dead Sea / Amman
    Cost: From $115 per person
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    Zara Spa

    This spa features a spectacular desert location, a low-humidity climate and the benefits from the heavy concentration of saline and minerals in the Dead Sea pools.
    Cost: From $29
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    Visit the Citadel for a relaxing afternoon. The architecture is beautiful and dramatic, and the views over Amman are some of the best in the city. The ruins highlight the striking difference between Jordan's past and present. You will like the little museum, full of busts, sculptures, and some jewelry.
    Cost: $3 per person
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    Planning Tip

    A true national treasure and world reknown historical site, Petra, is a three hour drive south of Amman. Be sure to include this must-see day trip in a visit to Amman.




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