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Acapulco, one of the favorite vacation spots for Hollywood's elite, is Mexico's largest beach resort city. Located on the Pacific coast, this tropical beach city is divided into two sections--the older, more traditional north and the newer south, full of extravagant high rises. There's no bad time of year to visit Acapulco and there's virtually no bedtime for this famous party city. Famous not only for it's nightclubs, Acapulco also has astounding professional cliff divers and beautiful beaches to keep visitors entertained during the daylight hours, as well.
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa

Beach resort

Famous for it's Cliff Divers, nightlife, Spring break destination for young adults and a vacation destination for millionaires, TV / Movie stars and foreigners. A place where visitors sleep during the day and party all night long...

Jet Skiing, Night Life, Cliff Divers and Tacos on the Beach

Acapulco is an amazing bay that opens up onto the ocean, and there is lots and lots to do there. Whether your looking for night life, day sports, water sports or just enjoying the beaches this place will have something for you.

When I arrived we were carted off to see the Cliff Divers there, I always think of that old Elvis movie of him doing the cliff dive, and think to myself, yea Elvis had some skill, some balls, or a stunt double. Probably the later. Once we arrived we took our seats ad watched the show as these divers launched themselves in to the water timing it with the incoming tide. They where 10-15 metes up (30-40 feet)!Watching the divers was really impressive, and intimidating: they put on a great show, and I don't know whether there altar to Mary was for show, but I could understand why they might need a little protection.

As we took a stroll down the beach there are chairs for rent, you buy it for the day. Once there you will be entertained or annoyed depending on how cultural you feel by people vending food, beer and trinkets. Remember: "tarde" (means "later" its rude in Latin culture to say no, but if you tell them later there cool with it. Look at you learning stuff!) and "Si, una cerveza por favor" (Yes, One beer Please, you can also order them in buckets)

You can rent jet skis and enjoy the bay, and I for one would not (not that I would know) suggest having Margaritas or beers and then going jet Skiing, do the jet skiing first, then on to the party.

The days there are hot and REMEMBER SUN SCREEN! I mean it, this whole I wanna get a tan and not wear skin screen idea, will get you bedded in the hotel with blisters, "No bueno" (not Good).

The night life there is a lot of dance clubs and stick to the tourist spots, remember to choose wisely as it is Mexico.

All in all I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach, jet skiing and went out a bit but was exhausted from the day.

You can get a taxi pretty easy in town and have this phrase "Quiero ir para" (I want to go to) wherever your destination is and use the nicer cabs, unless you are on a budget, then invest your time learning a little Spanish.

All in all Acapulco is a party destination set up to serve and cater to tourists for the good and the bad. Be careful, have fun and remember pace yourself in this place, it can get real wild real fast.
Acapulco is beautiful as long as you stay on the resort and don't venture too far anywhere else. I find Mexico in general to be a bit dirty and a bit dangerous overall, but the resort experience is pleasurable.
Whew, just thinking about the wealth of activities available in Acapulco wears me out. I may be past my prime now but in my younger days Acapulco was the place to be. No matter who you are or what sort of vacation your prefer, this city can deliver. The food is exquisite, the air full of tang and the beaches pristine. If you can't think of any other reason to visit, go and watch the cliff-diving; you'll have a new appreciation for simply being alive!

La Quebrada Cliff Divers

You can watch this amazing display of athleticism from professional cliff divers from the nearby viewing platforms. Divers leap from heights over 120 feet into water no more than 13 feet deep.
Cost: 35 Pesos

Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace)

Situated 1,200 feet above sea level, this chapel is famous for its 130-ft. cross. Walk through the chapel and enjoy the incredible view
Cost: Free

Barra Vieja Beach

This gorgeous, white sand beach, is one of the most serene and popular in all of Mexico. Lounge by shore or swim in the crystal blue waters
Cost: Free




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