Yosemite National Park

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When you hear people talk about Yosemite, you'll think that people are either lying or just really dramatic. When you look at pictures, you'll think that they were taken with some Instagram filter or something. Because you think that nowhere could be that beautiful. And definitely not anywhere in the United States. That is, until you see Yosemite National Park with your own two eyes. It's relaxing; it's exhilarating; it's family-friendly; and it's a must-see. Famous for its three-thousand-foot granite mountains, massive waterfalls and giant sequoias, Yosemite has 800 miles of trails, 1600 miles of streams, and 350 miles of roads weaving through it. So, whether you drive through the mountains trying to see as much of the park as possible or test your cardio endurance through challenging hikes or really push your adrenaline to the next level by climbing the near vertical cliffs, Yosemite simply must be on your bucket list.
Photo Credit: Dennis Kamberg
Photo Credit: Johannes Brenner
Photo Credit: Adam Stevens
Photo Credit: Randall Hop
Photo Credit: Randall Hop

An American Jewel

Yosemite is without a doubt the most beautiful place I have seen in America.
(I'll admit I've never been to Yellowstone)

The park has hiking for people of all ages and abilities. There are hikes I saw 80 year old grandmas doing as well as young children. The Yosemite valley is a must for every visitor, and my personal favorite was the mist trail. The aptly named trail gets you soaking wet from the mist of an awe inspiring waterfall. Every hike has a breathtaking view and it is a great way to spend time in nature, away from the all consuming technology around us. Although you will definitely want to bring one piece of technology, a camera! Words can hardly describe the beautiful sunsets I witnessed, or the vast landscapes I stood above.

So I'll say it again Yosemite is the most beautiful place I have seen in America.
If that doesn't sell you I don't know what will.

***Bonus tip***
If you find yourself visiting Yosemite on a road trip during the summer, a definite must is leaving Yosemite National Park through Tioga Pass. The road is only open during the summer, but I have to say it was the best drive of my road trip across the US. Leaving Yosemite and trekking down the Sierra Nevada Mountains is exhilarating. You will be decreasing in altitude at an incredible rate and driving into Death Valley. The experience was like landing a plane into an oven. The car was going faster and faster with incredible turns while the temperature was getting hotter. All of a sudden you realize that Yosemite sucks up all the rain clouds and leaves the other side a barren desert. It is still an incredible drive to see your landscape change so much so quickly. Not only is the landscape amazing but the road is incredible and filled with hills that make you feel like your on a roller coaster, and a pass through a ghost town with a population of 13 and a half people. I recommend this path for anyone who loves driving!


There are many trails to hike in Yosemite. The hikes are different lengths and vary in level of difficulty that will work for any type of vacation!
Cost: $20 entrance fee into the park per vehicle that is valid for 7 days.
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There are over 12 miles of paved bike paths to enjoy. Bicycles are available for rent at the park.
Cost: $20 entrance fee into the park per vehicle that is valid for 7 days.
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Bus Tours

You can choose from seven guided bus tours to enjoy through out the park. You will learn things you never knew!
Cost: $25 - $82
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