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We can promise you that you'll enjoy your visit to Xi'an, China. Because if you don't, there will be 7,000 terracotta warriors making sure that you do. You'll be hard pressed to find a more enthrallingly historical city. And we're not talking about falling-asleep-in-the-back-of-a-dusty-museum kind of historical. We're talking about 3000 years of history, 1000 years of dynasties, 7000 terracotta statues built in 210 BCE. While the Terracotta Warriors are alone worth the visit, the rich history doesn't stop there. The Chinese's love of wondrous walls doesn't stop at the Great Wall of China. Xi'an's city wall was built around the 1400s and is the largest city wall in the world. Museums and temples are home to various historic artifacts that will put to shame any "historic artifacts" that you've seen in other museums. Village ruins, 1000-year-old vaults, and imperial palaces will blow your mind. The shopping and dining in Xi'an are even uniquely Xi'an. The souvenirs are worth the purchase even for people are aren't big into souvenirs-handmade replicas of terracotta warriors, wood carved trinkets.
Photo Credit: CNTO
Photo Credit: Emile Spaanbroek
Photo Credit: Joan Ho
Photo Credit: Írika Kuchauskas

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Xi'an Museum

This museum has over 130,000 relics that tell stories of the rich culture. Take time to walk through and have a greater understanding of the different time periods and their advances to human life.
Cost: Free
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Xi'an City Wall

Take in this incredible site of the Xi'an city wall built as a defense against enemies. The wall stands 40 feet tall and 40-46 feet wide at the top. An fun idea is to rent bikes and ride on the city wall.
Cost: Free - unless you rent a bike
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Tang Paradise

This stunning park has several things to offer from beautiful architecture, garden, statues, lakes, idol alters and more. You can also enjoy food and entertainment from the culture.
Cost: CNY 68 - 90 depending on time of year.
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