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Tel Aviv is the largest metropolitan area in Israel and it is a bustling city set on the Mediterranean coastline. There's plenty to do at the beach in Tel Aviv, but it's kind of a do-as-you-please kind of place. Kites fly, Brazilian drums beat, and sunbathers lounge while others do yoga on the sand or play sports. For a touch of class, you can leave the beach and hit up the performing arts scene, the largest in Israel. But what's really famous, a must see, is Tel Aviv's shopping scene. The markets are a cultural experience all their own and the malls are literally everywhere. After all, Israel has the most shopping malls per square mile of anywhere in the world. The nightlife is wilder than you would imagine earning it the nickname, "The city that never stops." And don't leave Tel Aviv without eating some ice cream.
Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Photo Credit: Vanda Biffani
Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Photo Credit: Vanda Biffani
Photo Credit: Dana Fridlander
Photo Credit: Dana Fridlander
Photo Credit: Dana Fridlander
Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Photo Credit: Dana Friedlander
Photo Credit: Dana Friedlander
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    Young, Lively, and Fun

    Tel Aviv is a young city full of life - there is always something to do, somewhere to eat, or somebody to meet.

    Summers are hot and humid, but a late night trip to the beach will cool you off and give you a serene, calm view of the city that is always on the move. Plus you can stop at any of the local smoothie stands to freshen up with a cool treat. For a local flavor try the "limonana shake" - a combination of lemonade and mint.

    If you're looking for a quick way around town you can rent one of the Tel-o-fun bikes to roll around town. Make a stop at Shuk Hacarmel to check out how locals shop. And don't forget to swing in to Lehamim bakery to pick up a few cheese breadsticks (yummy!).

    Go to Yafo and meander around the old city. At night, the views of Tel Aviv from the top of Yafo are wonderful, and you can find quaint restaurants, art galleries, and musicians playing outdoors. Walk through the old city down to the port where there are a variety of seafood restaurants and shops. Inside the port building they have a small market with great spice shops & gift shops.

    Since Israel is such a small country you certainly have to visit other areas - Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Caesaria, Massada, and Galilee to name a few. If you can make it to the south you can pass through camel land (AKA. the desert) and even to Eilat on the Red Sea which is great for water activities & diving.

    Before you go - check local holidays and whether or not tourist sites will be open when you visit. And don't forget to pack your swimsuit for the beach!

    The Best City in Middle East

    In Tel Aviv you have the impression that you are not in the Middle East. The city is modern, with great infra, shopping malls, good streets with no traffic jam. It also offers many activities on the beach. So, if you like shopping you will not be disappointed with Tel Aviv, if you like nature you will enjoy it as well.

    Where Israel Plays

    Tel Aviv is all about playtime. Whether you want to soak up the sun in that new bikini you just bought or party it up through the wee hours of the night, the Israeli metropolis is where you can do both!

    Eternal progress through the old

    Tel Aviv is foremost gorgeous. The beaches couple with a dreamy city that revels in a progressive culture based on rich history. Being located on the historical tipping point of many of our modern stories, when you walk the city streets or dine at the cafes you know you are stepping through centuries of historical landmines that define where we as a culture have been and are going.

    The city hosts social progression as an early on-setter of gay rights mixed with military discipline and religious tolerance. Because of the strange combination there is a very inclusive attitude of all peoples. Tel Aviv is very safe to be a part of. In the city many residents speak English which makes tourism for us Americans easy. As a safe city to travel, you will find a cultural melting pot in Tel Aviv that appreciates the historical basis of the city.

    In tourism, you will find that many of the landmarks are based on biblical stories, ancient kings, past wars, and modern revolutions. There is something for everyone which makes this a very family-friendly destination. Though the beach is a highlight of visitation the area is still located in a desert region. Be prepared hydrate regularly amid the hot weather whether by a dip in the ocean or a drink in the sand.

    You will want to see the Dead Sea while you are there and take advantage of the beneficial properties of the mineral rich waters. The country is relatively small so touring in Jerusalem is a must-see for any visitor. Though the city itself is very progressive you can still visit the gender-segregated prayer walls, listen to the songs of the locals, and walk the streets with bible-based tour groups. The old school culture lends to a highly respectful air for family and tradition. That's not at the sacrifice of fun. There is a healthy nightlife and dance scene with business-minded individuals that love talking life over a cocktail or letting it out on the dance floor. You will find this conversation over a meal, over a drink, or prior to an afternoon nap.

    Tel Aviv is an important city to our world in that is often mimics the deeper impressions of a global mindset. Go here for a culturally rich and relaxing time.

    Great development!

    In Tel Aviv you can smell excitement, happiness, risks and all sort of feelings. This is the place to be if you are a young entrepreneur and looking for business and fun at the same time.
    Everything is so close and public transportation is amazing, so you don't need a car. Life is a little expensive but it is worth the shot.

    If you are just traveling for pleasure, you can always find good shopping centers, coffees, dining and restaurants. Street art is one the things you CANNOT miss if you are visiting Israel.

    Palmach Museum

    Through a multi media presentation you can go through the history of the Palmach. Choose a tour in English or Hebrew for a more native feel.
    Cost: 30 NIS for Adults and 20 NIS for Children
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    Nalagaat Center

    A theater that focuses on a different communication most of us don't often experience, sign language. The deaf show gives you a better understanding of what it might be like. There are also 2 restaurants to choose from. One you have a deaf waiter and the other you have blind waiters and your food will be served completely in the dark to enhance your other senses. A unique experience that is hard to find any where else!
    Cost: 99 NIS for shows. Restaurants vary in price.
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    Segway Tours

    Segway tours is a new and exciting way to tour the city. You will have a 15 minute training and then your guide will take you through the city, next to the beaches, or through a safari! .
    Cost: NIS 55 - NIS 220
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    Planning Tip

    While visiting Tel Aviv, be sure to also visit Jerusalem – another Jauntaroo destination. It’s a short drive or ride away.




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