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What began as a small trading port two hundred years ago has blossomed into the political and financial center of Taiwan, a massive metropolis full of fascinating people and interesting activities. Taipei is home to groundbreaking sites that range from ancient to modern with places like the National Palace Museum that houses 10th-century artwork, as well as the world's tallest building until 2010. Thanks to Taipei's history as a hub for European trade, some of the old streets in town have a distinct European feel. One of the most famous areas of Taipei is Di Hua Street. It used to be a major trade center during the 1800s and is still a popular place to do some shopping. Other sites unique to Taipei include beautiful temples dedicated to people like Confucius and Bao An. However, when you've had enough of the old world Taipei, newer parts of town feature an upbeat nightlife, shopping, and memorably delicious food.
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Pearl of Asia

Tapei with 101 Tower and city life is great, but even BETTER is to take down south and go around whole country. Taiwan is small enough not to spend too much time on the road + speed trains are very helpful. 2 weeks should be enough time to manage it all.
From nature you can get the most. Everything is here: ocean on one side, seas on the other sides, islands all around it, mountains & valleys with farmed lands, waterfalls, forests, tea gardens, wild life, lakes, rivers and marvelous coast sides & beaches, caves, cliffs and other natural wonders.
As well culture offers a great diversity. You definitely have to reach at least one of the indigenous tribe people nation parks. All together there are 14 still existing tribes with their own world believes, beauty standards, New Years, different celebrations, very colorful clothing, traditional Rainbow and other dances, houses and of course- the food. Taoism has left its footprints in culture a lot. It's a must to see amazingly colorful & spectacularly designed towers, temples & their gods' sculptures. If you are lucky, you might reach the country when they have some traditional celebrating going on. For example, August is the month of ghosts, when people fill the tables with food and drinks for their dead relatives and friends at the road sides. Because during this month they rise from graves & feast. Be careful, muahahaha! But you know what? You should see the cemetery- tombs are surprisingly beautiful! Here are many Confucius' followers. Find one of his temples and a person who can tell you in details about this great philosopher and why the temple is built as it is. And Buddhism has spread here too. Beautiful temples with huge and many statues, museums and gardens is just small part of it all.
For entertainment there are beaches, boat rides, beautiful parks, lighthouses. You can always go for hiking, surfing or snorkeling. You ought to visit tea farm and from hotness & humidity get in to chilly and amazingly peaceful tea garden. Spend one night there and embrace a drop of paradise. There is beautiful Aquarium- the biggest one in whole Asia with many sea wonders. There are some great theme parks too. Markets with loud music on streets is fun to experience. And for girls of course plenty of places with cheap but amazing & original shoes. For your amusement you can get in stores where all the food is in XXXL size packages. I bet you haven't seen one like that! Take a cable car and stand in the air! well, ok, on a glass floor.. try not to freak out too much!
Though actually in Taiwan it's all about food and eating. You have to try it all- it is amazing, diverse, creative, beautiful, colorful, interesting, weird, tasty and surprising, because you can never know whether the food will be sweet or sour, bitter or tasty, or maybe even stinky. But it is worth to try it all!
Get lucky and meet the warmhearted, sincere and hospitable Taiwanese. Besides it can be very helpful too, because many temples, objects and natural wonders are not on lonely planet or other touristic guides.
You can see some pics here:

Great mixture!

I have visited Taipei approximately two years ago. I was part of a Home-stay program and all the participants spent the last days in Taipei.
What amazes me the most is the great combination between traditional and technological culture.

Great place to walk around. You MUST visit the 101 Tower and have dinner at the Night Market.

National Palace Museum

A museum full of Asian historic art treasures. Connect with this rich culture through its art!
Cost: Varies depending on the Exhibit. Some exhibits are free.
Visit Website

Maokong Gondola

Take a gondola ride to view Taipei from the air. Then land at the top and enjoy a walk through tea fields and enjoy tea tasting while learning some history.
Cost: About $2 a person
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Jodie's Kitchen Cooking Class

An introduction to Taiwanese cooking helps you understand the culture in a whole new way! You can learn how to cook traditional Taiwanese plates and go again another day to learn more!
Cost: Approximately $130 for a standard 4 hour class.
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