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The name isn't the only thing "sweet" in Sucre, Bolivia. It's also a sweet place to kick back and relax with charming restaurants and quirky bars as well as beautiful (and romantic) parks. It's a sweet place to study with a variety of schools where you can perfect your Spanish and museums featuring both history and art. It's even a sweet place to volunteer. No matter where your sweet spot lies, you can find a place to serve Sucre's community and go home having made the world a better place and feeling better about yourself. Opportunities in Sucre make it east to volunteer with orphanages, in the medical field, with the elderly, with victims of abuse and even simply teaching English classes. After all the opportunities for growth in Sucre, it's only fair that you let your wallet shrink just a bit at traditional Bolivian markets. Sucre is famous for its intricate handmade tapestries, so don't' miss out on going home with some items that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world.
Photo Credit: Cesar A Catalan

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Condor Trekkers Day Tours

Choose from 1 to 4 day trek to experience some history and beauty of Bolivia. Tour guides will take you to caves, dinosaur tracks, waterfalls and magnificent scenery depending on what trek you choose. It will definitely be a highlight of your stay!
Cost: $26 - $109
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Simon Bolivar Park

Enjoy a day in the park where you can relax, enjoy some beautiful architecture and see a fountain show on the weekends. You will run into many locals playing around and sharing their talents.
Cost: Free
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Spanish School

If you are going to be in South America for a while and would like to be a little more comfortable with the Spanish language then this is the perfect thing for you! Take some classes to sharpen your skills and you won't regret it!
Cost: Varies
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