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You know that feeling you get when you spend the day in a great museum, feeding all of your senses? When you let yourself drift away into high art and start to see the world as a more beautiful place? When your elegant surroundings start to sooth your soul? When even food and wine can become an aesthetic experience? Visiting St. Petersburg, Russia is like living every moment in that museum. Aside from the 3,0,000 pieces of world-famous artwork that calls St. Petersburg home, the entire city is a work of art. From the extravagant architecture to the rich cultural traditions, you'd never guess that the city was only a few hundred years old. Performance art isn't neglected in St. Petersburg the opera and ballet performances ranked as some of the best in the world. And once you've had a hot cup of tea with a warm Russian crepe, you'll begin to find food an aesthetic experience, as well.
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Fokko Veenstra

Canals, Kremlins, and Culture

Around every corner is something that sparkles from above...whether the gold topped onion domes, or the snowflakes in the sun, this city shines all around you! If I do make it back, I plan to spend time just studying the iron work that adorns everything from building tops to the ornate fencing that lines the canals and grand city parks.

St. Petersburg is symbiotic with the water in which it sits, much like Venice, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. Therefore, it is both temperate and bitterly cold. The summer months are usually above 60* F and it feels nice after the long spring with the humidity and warm current breezes...but in winter, the wind and the wetness are bone bitingly cold...enjoy wearing fur and wool, and warming yourself with ice cold caviar and vodka!

PS, it's dark for much of the day here in winter, so unless you brought a book to read, find things to do out of doors!
In the lighter months, plan to explore all of the nature in & around the city since the sun shines almost 24/7!

I found the food here plain, hearty, and interesting all at the same time. If you're in a local restaurant, be prepared to have a second choice off the menu in case your first choice isn't available, as some things aren't always plentiful. This happened several times from locally owned to larger hotel restaurants.

Another things I found quirky is that when you check into a hotel, your key remains there. With stewards on every floor, you drop your key at the desk (or at least you're supposed to remember) and retrieve it each time you return.

Unless you're with a tour that has a translator at all times, it's wise to brush up on basic phrases. Shopping can be fun and street vendors are willing to bargain, so knowing numbers, colors, and sizes helps a lot! You'll more than likely see your share of stackable dolls and dancing bears...YES, real bears!

The sky is a delight in St. Petersburg, compared to most cities where skyscrapers and smog are visual obstacles. There aren't many tall buildings here, as they're not allowed to be higher than the Hermitage. However, you'll feel the magnitude of the mammoth structures as they lay low and wide on the streets.

Be sure to ride a boat and tour the city from the canals. Have your battery fully charged and take several videos to share and enjoy! You will see new treasures around every corner!

If you're this close, consider visiting Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. You won't be disappointed!



I was in St. Petersburg in April. It was a tad chilly! I am glad I packed my long johns. Check out the Church of Spilled Blood. You can actually see blood on the original embankment. I am a little sceptical about that one, but all in all the inside of the church was absolutely amazing. If you want to see the Hermitage Collection at the Winter Palace I would suggest giving yourself a whole day to take it all in. I wandered around in awe. It was pretty spectacular!

For all the senses

When Peter the Great founded Saint Petersburg, just 3 hundred years ago, wanted to give it some european atmosphere, and now theres not any city in the world like "Piter", as their citizen call to the city. Museums, palaces, elegant bridges, big avenues, and romantic views. This is a city which cant just be visited in a weekend, take your time to enjoy, even in the little details. Also to take a look with the russian culture. Use tranvai, mashrutkas, elektrishkas, eat blinis and borsch soup, and dont forget to yel "gorka!" if see some couple getting married!

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

One of the most famous art museums in the world, this museum is not to be missed! With over 2 million exhibits you are sure to learn things you never knew and find art that you'll fall in love with.
Cost: 17.95
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Mariinsky Theatre

Even if you are not a ballet fan you might just want to give this theater a try! A historical theater with rich history and wonderful performances that will entertain you! There are also orchestra performances you can enjoy.
Cost: 600 - 3200 Roubles
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Feel Yourself Russian

Be immersed into Russian music, dance, and singing. A small theater feel makes for an intimate experience and a great view no matter where you sit. Fun for the whole family!
Cost: From $54
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