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Perfectly blending Chinese, Indian and Muslim Malaysian culture, Singapore is a tiny island in Southeast Asia with a lot of life. Tropical climate, vast natural greenery, and big city life somehow all manage to squeeze onto this tiny island. Singapore succeeds in incorporating rich personality from local Asian cultures as well as the comforting lifestyle that the Western societies are accustomed to. When visiting Singapore, we have a few suggestions for you. Try something new for every meal. The trip to Singapore is worth every penny for the food alone. Food is incredibly varied and authentic thanks to the wealth of cultures that call Singapore home. And local delicacies available in Singapore guarantee to send you home having tried something you've never encountered before. Our next suggestion is that whatever you do, don't come to Singapore without some spending cash in your wallet. The shopping there-both high-end and bargain-is just about the best in the world. Next, immerse yourself in the cultures. Visitors who are willing to engage in the atmosphere have the chance to go home understanding so many different cultures on a personal level thanks to an assortment of celebrations and festivals throughout the year. And lastly, if you're of age, don't be afraid to lose a little bit of sleep by partaking in the infamous nightlife.
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Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
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Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Office
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    CAPTIVATING !!! it's a must!

    Singapore is an economical miracle, and with that miracle a beautiful and pristine city flourished in the middle of SE Asia. This country/island/city is a major hub and the largest port in the area so its a melting pot of cultures, trades, people, languages, FOOD !!! your mouth is going to have an orgasm! So get your wallet and your walking shoes ready cause you will spend your time there exploring this amazing city, its shopping centers, food courts, boulevards, parks, Museums, buildings, etc...and you will never feel pushed, hassled or foreign here, but be sure to be respectful, civil and take care of the city and its resources. The city is, is CLEAN ! (its said you can be fined or put in jail for throwing your bubble gum to the sidewalk) A must is a visit to the Marina Sands hotel and Casino and that whole Bayfront area. Head up to the roof top on the casino for amazing views.

    Lara B

    One word epitomizes this city: CLEAN. An all-day all-night City with a range of activities and sights. The Christmas ambiance is hard to beat, from the shopfronts and streets to entire building facades, the fairy-lights and Christmas decorations are unparalleled and most absorbing. The whole Christmas vibe encourages the want to shop, which is a pleasure in itself. Bargaining can be fun and the prices are tourist friendly even when one is South African!!
    Sentosa Island is Wow, and worth spending more than just a day and a night.
    Pavement Eateries abound. These may look a little suspect, but they serve true local food and are open mostly all night. The longer one sits through the early morning hours partaking of these informal venues, the better the Singapore City impresses upon one. The local tuk-tuks are more than happy to suggest places to visit...even if you are out and about very late at night. The drivers can be very entertaining in themselves, and if one asks the right questions they are keen to give feedback on their cultures.
    All in all a very rewarding, all-encompassing experience

    Gardens by the Bay

    Enjoy 7 different gardens in this massive area. Beautiful plants and vegetation are sure to be a highlight of this trip, but there are also many events and things going on all year long.
    Cost: Access to some of the outdoor gardens are free. Access to the other areas vary form $3 - $20
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    Singapore Zoo

    Get there early to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and less crowds and interact with so many amazing creatures. Enjoy some delicious food, take a boat or tram ride, or watch entertaining shows through out the day to take breaks from walking around. A day trip that everyone will love!
    Cost: $13 - $27
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    Flight Experience

    Ever wanted to fly a plane? Whether you have or not this experience is something you won't want to miss. Licensed pilots will train you and then give you the feel of flying a plane!
    Cost: $175 - $395
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    The World's Best Airport?

    Singapore's Changi International Airport is arguably the world's most fabulous airport! From a children's amusement park to tropical butterfly gardens, roof top hot tubs and a movie theater - this airport has it all! They even offer free bus tours of Singapore.
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    Legoland Malaysia

    Only an hours drive from Singapore is Legoland Malaysia. Designed for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12, Legoland Malaysia features more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions.
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    English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil


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