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If sunbathing, coral reef diving, and watersports only makes you think of the Caribbean, we want to let you in on one of the world's best kept secret-Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm El Sheikh's warm sun and location on the Red Sea makes it the perfect blend of island relaxation with European flair. This resort town on the southern tip of Egypt is the most popular tourist destination in the Arab world and attracts thousands of Europeans each year. What makes this beach vacation special is the history and culture that seeps from Sharm's every pore. How many places on the earth offer world famous diving just offshore from desert camel treks? How many people can say that they've parasailed above the Red Sea? And how many people can boast that they received world-class spa treatment the same day that they saw the pyramids of Egypt?
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Photo Credit: Egypt Tourism
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Photo Credit: Egypt Tourism
Photo Credit: Egypt Tourism

time without end

To be honest, I’ve been to Sharm el-Sheikh 3 times, but I haven’t slept 1 night in the city. That doesn’t mean I can’t give an impression, so here we go!

The name Sharm el-Sheikh brings good memories. I went there for the first time a few years ago with a group of divers I hadn’t met before. I hadn’t dived for a while and it had also been a year I hadn’t seen an airplane from the inside. So, I was a little bit nervous. I had decided to go on a diving trip quite last minute and the only place left was Egypt. I wasn’t too excited about it, I must say. But hey, I needed some time off. So it was good enough.

Seeing the coastline of Egypt -of Africa- from high above changed that feeling in a split second. Don’t ask me why, but that image touched me. And from that point on, I kept being amazed.

Coming out of the airport at night, there was a warm breeze unlike the ones I had ever felt before. I was in the Sinai, in the desert!
We went to Dahab and stayed there for 2 weeks exploring all the surrounding diving spots. And hey, Red Sea diving is truly amazing! The colors, the diversity and just millions and millions of fish, the reefs, pinnacles, walls and the fantastic visibility. I could never have guessed this would be such a wonderful diving destination and I’ve been to some spectacular diving places.
So, after that trip, I went back ….a few times! To Sharm El-Sheik, Dahab, Nuweiba. I just couldn’t get enough of it and not just of the underwater world, it was the whole Sinaï in general that attracted me: the red slooping hills, the inky black sky covered in shimmering stars, the friendliness and hospitality of the people. You can leave your belongings on the table of a restaurant and come back later. No one will touch it.

Time seems to slow down or even stop. Relaxation comes easily and naturally. Nothing matters, everything is just fine and life seems to be covered by a subtle gleam when you are here. This is what a vacation is all about.

Sharm El-Sheikh is a seaside resort and has everything one would expect from a popular holiday destination. A big promenade, many fantastic restaurants and bars, nice shops, boat trips, excursions, diving courses, resorts, spa’s. The temperature is fantastic: hot in summer and warm in winter.

If you need to get out and relax –whether you like an active or a passive holiday-, this is the perfect place to visit.

A little too unauthentic for my taste.

Sharm El Sheikh is the ideal destination for pool-loungers & high-rollers. Lots of beach, resorts, spas and places to relax. It's a great place to get away from the pressure of Egyptian shop owners, but be prepared to feel as though you have left the country almost completely. There seem to be more tourists there than locals & the price more than doubles on everyday things.
Sharm is a hot spot for young Russians looking for a getaway.
My suggestion: Head a little farther North to a small beach town called Dahab. :)

Shark's Bay

A quiet bay where you can enjoy shopping, dinning, beaches, snorkeling and the locals. With so much to do it is a must see!
Cost: Varies depending on activity
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Boat Tours

Choose from a variety of different boats to fit your needs. You could get on a catamaran, motor boat or big yacht to explore the Red Sea. This is sure to be a romantic event or a family outing to remember!
Cost: Varies
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Camel Tours

Guides will take you on a tour while riding a camel! Egypt is the place for such an adventure. A guide will take you through part of the dessert and share with you Bedouin life and how they survive in the dessert or take a night tour to view the stars!
Cost: From $20
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