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The next time your friends suggest you eat at the local Chinese buffet, you'll be able to roll your eyes and casually scoff, "Well, when I was in Shanghai, Chinese food didn't taste anything like THAT." As China grows in international importance, Shanghai has developed, as well, into a cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of the world. It's hard to tell you what a Shanghai vacation will be for you, because there are so many options that a Shanghai vacation can be whatever you want it to be. The artist will delight in the modern and ancient architecture as well as the museums with impressive collections with worldwide importance. The historian will be enchanted by the historical artifacts and rich history. And if you're just looking for a raging good time, the shopping and nightlife scene are unparalleled. Since most of the world's experience with China comes from eating at Panda Express, be sure to partake in REAL Chinese food while in Shanghai. The city has its own unique take on many dishes and offers a wide selection thanks to its location near the Huangpu River.
Photo Credit: Vladimir Fofanov
Photo Credit: Kathy de la Cruz
Photo Credit: Joan Ho
Photo Credit: Gary Tamin
Photo Credit: Fabio Arangio
Photo Credit: Tudou Mao
Photo Credit: Nitesh Bhundia
Photo Credit: Gary Tamin
Photo Credit: Kathy de la Cruz
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Photo Credit: C.H. So
Photo Credit: CNTO

Dumplings Frying

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of waking up in a city you’ve never been in before and Shanghai is one heck of a city to find yourself. Not only is it the most populous city in China—but also in the world—it houses more than 23 million people. Once you hit the streets you'll see what I mean! Endless taxis, barreling buses, countless bikes and mopeds alongside hordes of street vendors and crowds of pedestrians all sharing the road. At times the bike lane seems so packed that you'd think there was a tour du China coming through. Once you're off the streets, the scene doesn't seem to change much either. Restaurants and shops are alive sometimes with just the employees alone. I was always amazed at just how many people are on staff at the hole in the wall restaurants we frequented. There are usually more servers, cooks, and door-openers on staff than there are patrons! The clothes lines outside every window in town hint at the enormous populations this country encloses. Indeed the best metaphor for Shanghai is comparing it to dumplings frying. Despite the off the chart population, the residents of Shanghai are among the friendliest and hospitable that I've encountered in my travels. Take some time to get lost in Shanghai. It's a rare combo of ancient architecture meeting soaring skyscrapers at the crossroads of delectable Chinese cuisine, great shopping and unparalleled night life! Take a dinner cruise down the Huangpu River and gaze at the most recognizable skyline in China. When the sun sets, the river is veiled in the glittery neon lights of its banks. Experiencing the beauty of Shanghai under the moonlight is an experience you won't soon forget. Oh, and try the dumplings! Shanghai, I can't wait to get back!


Shanghai Yuyuan Garden

A nice blend of unique architecture and beautiful plants, this garden is a site to see! Try to go early in the day when it isn't so crowded to experience the peace that can be at the gardens.
Cost: CNY 30 - 50
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Shanghai Circus World

A large and modern indoor circus that will entertain you all day long. Talented acrobats and cultural touches will contribute to the enjoyment you'll experience!
Cost: CNY 80 - 580
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The Bund (Wai Tan)

A historical place to walk around and visit landmarks, see beautiful old building, enjoy fine dinning, shop and experience the incredible night views!
Cost: Varies
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