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Seriously, how did New Zealand manage to pack so much coolness into such a tiny little country? The entire country is so brag-worthy that we're starting to wonder why the entire world doesn't try to live there. And Rotorua is no exception. New Zealand's "thermal wonderland" is filled with adventure sports, hot springs and geysers on top of the inherent New Zealand enchantment. Fish-stocked lakes, geothermal earth forces, and Maori culture are just a few of the things setting Rotorua apart. Add onto that the volcano formed land, some of the world's best biking and walking trails, and therapeutic hot mud pools to bathe in, and you'll wonder what took you so long to get here. This is no standard relaxing retreat or outdoor adventure. Whichever kind of holiday you're looking for, we can guarantee it will be one of a kind.
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: Waimangu Volcanic Valley
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: Destination Rotorua
Photo Credit: Fraser Clements
Photo Credit: Legend Photography
Photo Credit: Zorb Rotorua
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Waimangu Volcanic Valley
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: Tourism New Zealand
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich

The soul of the country

If you made it to the North Island either to Wellington or Auckland, you must go to Rotorua!
New Zealand is a Maori country and the area around Rotorua is full of its history, culture and natural beauty. Rotorua was then made famous by the spa baths, which rely on the vast health benefits of the volcanic minerals and pools of mud and water. There are dozens of spas that cater to any budget and need. Be sure as well to enjoy a day exploring the amazing and colorful volcanic parks where you will see all sorts of natural wonders rarely seen anywhere else in the world.
Get to learn more about the native Maori, their culture, language, dances and friendly people.


A lot cultural things to do there , really nice place but smells really bad because of the thermals parks there

River Rafting

From a scenic ride to a high intensity experience there is something for everyone! With expert guides and safe rafts or kayaks you'll be talking about this trip for year to come!
Cost: $99 - $129
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Rotoruna Museum

Learn about the rich culture at this museum! With exhibits and cinema experiences you will be enthralled for hours!
Cost: Children under 5: Free, Children 5 -18 yrs.: $7, Adults: $18
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Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Choose from so many things to do! Take an easy walk through volcanic craters, a boat cruise on Lake Rotomahana, hike, and more. See geysers and beautiful vegetation. This is a place you don't want to miss!
Cost: From $34
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