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No matter where you fall in your family, you have to admit that the youngest sibling is usually the most carefree, fun, and, perhaps, a bit spoiled. Rarotonga, the capital and the youngest of the Cook Islands, like the rest of the youngest siblings of the world, is fun, carefree, and fully prepared to spoil YOU. Just be prepared to find that the rest of the world pales in comparison to this paradise. Elegantly carved by ancient volcanic pyramids, Rarotonga is lush with carpet-like greenery and surrounded by turquoise blue ocean water. The entire circumference of Rarotonga is 20 miles, so you'll be hard-pressed to find a more off-the-beaten-path destination. Life on the island is quiet and calm. In fact, the loudest sound you'll likely hear is the sound of the Maori drum. While you're mostly limited to seasonal foods in Rarotonga, that just means that your food here will be the freshest and most delicious you've ever tasted. You'll wonder if you've ever even eaten a mango or avocado before. Visitors and locals fill their time coolly flitting from one water adventure to the next with fishing, paddling, snorkeling, and sailing enchanting activities when you're surrounded by paradisiacal beauty.
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism
Photo Credit: Melusine
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism
Photo Credit: Cook Islands Tourism

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Koka Lagoon Cruise

Enjoy snorkeling, a ride in a glass bottom boat, tons of food and live island entertainment that will make for an exciting day! This is fun for all ages!
Cost: Children 5-11: NZD35, Adults: NZD75
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Tikikaveka Beach

With golden sand, bright blue water and giant palm trees, this beach is a perfect place to relax and really be on a vacation! It's also a great place to swim or snorkel!
Cost: Free
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Drums of Our Forefathers

Be served a traditional feast while enjoying the show! Learn about the history and culture through dance and music. It is sure to be a hit for everyone!
Cost: Children under 12: $50, Adults: $89
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