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If you've ever dreamed of fairy-tale lands, enchanted journeys and maybe a wizard or even a hobbit or two, there's only one place to go. While, unfortunately, the Shire and Rivendell may only be mythical lands within the world of the Lord of the Rings, the magic of Middle Earth is a reality in Queenstown, New Zealand. Even if you're not on an adventure to destroy a magical ring and save the world, Queenstown will provide you with your fair share of adventure. Bungee jumping, white-water rafting, kayaking, jet boating, skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, mountaineering?seriously, do you get the point yet? You'd never have the energy to participate in everything that Queenstown has to offer if it weren't for the prime nourishment available to refuel you after a long day of adventures. Fresh-off-the-boat seafood, farm-raised fresh meats, and local wineries make for delicious dining for breakfast, second breakfast, tea time, lunch, dinner, supper. You'll find yourself making up meals just to sample everything. And after taking it all in, you can relax by simply finding a good place to lounge to look around at scenery so beautiful it seems like special effects.
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: Miles Holden
Photo Credit: Julian Apse
Photo Credit: Miles Holden
Photo Credit: Sergio Del Rosso
Photo Credit: Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters
Photo Credit: Sam Wilson
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: AJ Hackett Bungy


Queenstown is like a theme park for adults in real, beautiful nature!! ;-)

The city of the southern Alps

Queenstown is a small but very international city famous for its winter sports, beautiful scenery and posh accommodations and social life. You will find here very nice restaurants, coffee shops, shopping (for any gear needed whatsoever!) and it is a must stop as you make your way down to Milford Sound (see my review for it too)
I was happy to enjoy a picnic at the edge of the lake surrounded by hundreds of other people hanging out enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon. This city is ALL about outdoors, at any season. From hiking and biking, to bungee, camping, water and snow sports......and amazing desserts to regain some calories !

The best

It was the most amazing city i've been in my life. Its really beautiful with a lot of natural views and a lot radical sports. I've tried bungy jump and was a the best experience i'd had

Queenstown Paraflights

Start on a boat and gradually be lifted 600 feet in the sky and enjoy the break taking views and adrenaline rush! It is sure to be an experience you'll never forget!
Cost: $69 - $129
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Thunder Jet

A jetboating experience that will take you Kawarau River to see some incredible landscapes. Learn some history about the area while experiencing some water fun!
Cost: $50 -$95
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ATV Rides

Take a tour up the mountains on 4-wheelers! There are a variety of trials to choose from to match your skill level and confidence.
Cost: From $249
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