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Although Osaka is no longer Japan's capital city, don't count it out. Its importance throughout history and continued relevance to modern Japan makes it one of the most interesting places in Japan to visit. Don't ignore that natural pull you feel towards Osaka. It's probably rooted in to city's past reputation as a gathering place and a gateway for world travelers. Despite its ancient past, Osaka is all about the "new." It brought in new people from all over the world, particularly China and Korea. This allowed Osaka to become a melting pot of advancements and culture. Osaka continues to draw in guests for expositions, conventions and meetings, as well as simply for tourism. Tourists flock to Osaka to experience a touch of history through ancient castles, temples, and even historic-slightly creepy-gravesites. If history isn't your thing, Osaka's personality may suit your other interests instead. Attracting the modern world doesn't stop with culture in Osaka; it's also a hub for all things stylish-architecture, the arts, shopping, nightlife, and restaurants.
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National Bunraku Theatre

A 300 year old tradition this theater features shows with puppets. You'll want to catch a show and walk through the museum they also have.
Cost: Depends on the show.
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Aquarium Kaiyukan

See a wide variety of fish and water animals with tons of view points! A nice place to spend a day out of the heat, especially if you have kids!
Cost: Children 4-6: 400 yen, Youth 7-15: 900 yen, Adults 16+: 2,000 yen
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A city with tons to do! Go enjoy the night life and walk around. They are shops, restaurants, arcades, nightclubs and more!
Cost: Free
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