Olympic National Park

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We have some bad news that we're very sorry to have to tell you. Even though you look really great in your blow-up arm floaties as you try to breaststroke across the kiddie pool, you're probably never going to win a gold medal at the Olympics. But Michael Phelps isn't the only one who gets to have Olympic fun. While you may not win any Olympic medals, you can get the "Olympic" experience at Olympic National Park in Washington. With three major ecosystems, each with something equally brilliant to offer, it's hard to decide which area of the park gets the gold medal in awesomeness. The interior is stunning with sky-scraping glaciered mountains. The west-facing valleys are home to lush rainforests and the coastline takes the cake for rugged wilderness. One you've spent a single day exploring natural waterfalls and hot springs, thriving rainforests, quiet lakes, and picture-perfect beaches, it'll be clear to you that Olympic National Park is just as precious as gold.
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Photo Credit: National Park Service
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Perfection in Nature

Olympic National Park is hard to describe in words. Partly because the beauty is endless. The best time to go would be in June or July as the weather, on most days, is at a perfect 75-80 degrees, and all of the fauna and flora are at its peak. The gorgeous flowers lead the way along trials to the highest points where the views extend for miles. If you are lucky you might pick up some extra company along the trails as I did, namely a small deer who followed me for a good duration of the hike.

Less active participants can still enjoy the beauty from the car or the easy hikes that are provided. There are also multiple areas of this park other than the mountain trails. They have a rainforest as well as a beach adding to why this park is perfect for every traveler. Also enjoyable is the town Port Angeles located just outside of the park.

Nonetheless this is not a destination to miss!

Mountains, and Rain Forests, and Ocean, oh my!

The Olympic National Park is truly a best kept secret of the Pacific Northwest. On a recent weekend trip, I was able to encounter a stunning waterfall trail, incredible views from the mountain tops, a heard of elk in the rainforest, a soak in natural hot springs, sea-spires along the coast, and lavender fields in the mountain range's rain shadow. This National Park has it all.

If you have a few days, hop in your car and drive to Port Angeles. From there, you can "head to the top" along the hurricane ridge road and get a stunning view of Mt. Olympus. There are plenty of short hiking/walking trails from there for you to really get away from it all. Once you're done, hop back in the car and head towards the coast for an easy walk to Shi Shi beach, where you'll see some of the most unique sea-spires on the west coast. Finish off your trip with a stroll through the Hoh rainforest where you'll see huge old growth trees, a possible glimpse of the Roosevelt elk heard, and yes, maybe even some rain.

Beauty for the Nature Enthusiast

The Olympic National Park is one beautiful gem hidden along the Washington coast. The park is great for day hikes, hiking/backpacking and camping. Visit the lush temperate rainforests: Hoh, Quinault, or Queets, you cant go wrong with any of these, or head for the mountains and enjoy Hurricane Ridge, where you get a beautiful view, and meet some cute wildlife along the way. The low land forests are great for day hikes too, especially the area around Lake Crescent, and if you have time drop by one La Push beach.

If you have time for a side trip, not too far away is Neah Bay which is on the Makah Indian reservation. The bay is stunning and if you follow an off the beaten path trail you'll discover Cape Flattery, the most northwestern point in the continental U.S. From the small outlook deck you'll see sea caves, Tatoosh Island's lighthouse and an array of marine wildlife.


Choose from a number of hiking trails for all skill levels. It is the perfect way to see this beautiful area and ideal for families.
Cost: Free
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With plenty of creeks and rivers you'll want to go fishing! You can take a tour or go out on your own. Make sure to get a fishing license.
Cost: Rent fishing rods from $8 and boats from $13
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Ruby Beach

This beach has breathtaking views you won't want to miss! Try to get there during the low tide to see caves!
Cost: Free
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Planning Tip

If you are visiting Olympic National Park, you will probably pass through Seattle - another destination on Jauntaroo.




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