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There are a lot of great beaches in this world, so usually saying that a destination has a beach isn't all that big of a deal. Unless, of course, that destination is Negril, Jamaica. One of the top beach destinations in the entire world, Negril makes it virtually impossible to be in a bad mood. Between the pina coladas, reggae music, seven miles of soft sand beaches, and the charm of the natives, you'll find yourself wondering what's taken you so long to get here. It's no wonder that it's hard to find someone who has only been to Jamaica once. After your first visit, you'll be hooked on the laid-back atmosphere and unbelievably warm water. You'll be planning out your trip back before you even leave. Many resorts in Negril are all-inclusive but still feature traditional Jamaican delicacies like jerk chicken, which is so good, you'll be dreaming about it long after you leave. However, if you want to stick to a tighter budget, smaller hotels offer inexpensive accommodations and allow you the freedom to try all of the local dishes from local restaurants and dives. Negril is a bit more touristy than some areas of Jamaica, so it's easy to find beautiful cliff-side hangouts, adventure sports (like zip lining through the rainforest) and nightlife, in addition to the romantic relaxation of lounging on miles of sun-kissed beaches.
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: The Rock House
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica
Photo Credit: Bryn Jones
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica-Kool Runnings Water Park
Photo Credit: Sylwia Pryzinska
Photo Credit: Bryn Jones
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    Dolphin Cave

    Swim with dolphins or sharks in a 20 acre lagoon that is sure to be an experience to remember! Or just take a tour on a boat.
    Cost: Varies
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    Blue Hole Mineral Spring

    25 minutes outside of Negril this mineral spring is a muse see! Swim around and watch locals take some amazing dives into the pool. Hang out with the locals to get a real Jamaican experience!
    Cost: $7 entrance fee
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    Half Moon Beach

    A perfect day trip or stay for longer! This beach has beautiful sand and great swimming water. There are boat tours you can take and snorkeling available as well. Restaurants and gift shops are close.
    Cost: Free
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