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If you've ever found yourself driving down the road, cursing at yet another fast food restaurant, craving something real, something healthy, and not just for dinner-a healthier way of life-then Calistoga in Napa Valley is your answer, my friend. Tucked away in California's Napa Valley, Calistoga has long been utilized for its natural hot springs and mineral water. When millionaire Sam Brannan bought the land in the 1860s, it was turned into a resort that embraced the healing powers of nature. Not only is fast food discouraged, it's illegal. Instead, guests can surround themselves with fresh cuisines ranging from Italian to seafood to bakeries, and it can all be washed down with home-bottled, award-winning wines. Entertainment in Calistoga is as relaxing as everything else in this environment. It includes watching a natural geyser show, visiting the Petrified Forest (which is home to massive petrified redwoods), visiting historical museums, riding the biking trails, outings on horseback or tastings at the many wineries of the Napa Valley. But if none of that is relaxing enough for your needs, countless spas with mud baths will help you massage away every stress.
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Day Trip

Calistoga should be considered as a day trip when visiting the Napa Valley. Sitting North in the valley, it's the place where you catch your hot air balloon ride, grab lunch, hit a spa or soak in the hot spring.

When visiting the valley, you should stay in Yountville which has the best places to stay. Here you will get what you came for and is located central in the valley.

Make reservations with the restaurants and wineries that you want to visit ahead of time, but keep an eye out for one of the many festivals that Napa may be having.

Here are some places to catch on the fly -

* Don Giovanni's - Great place for lunch and a few cocktails
* Oakville Grocery - Great deli if you just want to picnic. Lots of local goods to take home too!
* Rutherford Grill - Order some Lemon Drops, the Ribs, French dip, Corn Bread and Spinach/Artichoke dip
* Brix - You want to catch that sunset with a cocktail while walking through their fresh herb garden that is set amongst vineyards
* Uva - Not much of a nightlife in Napa, but this place is in town and has the only place to go dancing
* Uptown Theater - An old renovated movie theater, check the schedule to catch some bands on tour
* V Wine Cellar - Get all the wine you want and have it shipped home without having to visit the wineries. It's more than a wine shop, it's an experience that can include using a sabre to open your bubbly


A Relaxing Getaway

In the Napa valley there is a beauty in the rolling hills, and the extended grape vines that go for miles. Wineries are definitely a top draw for visitors, but they don't disappoint. My personal favorite wineries are the Francis Ford Coppola winery (yes, the famous Godfather director's own winery) Armida, and Frank Family Wineries. Although I am in no way a sommelier these wineries all had great staff and a wonderful setting. If you are new to wine tasting I believe the setting is just as much a part of the experience as the wine.

*** A tip for when to visit wineries ***
Go during Barrel Tasting weekend! There are two weekends around mid March that feature most of Sonoma Counties wineries future wines. The best part of this is you can get tastings at any of these wineries for an all inclusive prices, from 20-40 dollars. This is a great way to spend a weekend, and taste wine that won't hit the stores for at least a year! You will seem like an aficionado by the end of the day! More information can be found on Wine Road when the time is right!

Outside of wineries I also recommend checking out the Redwoods, and driving down the Russian River. Trips to these two places will places will feature some of the best drives in the country; sometimes the journey is just as great as the destination!

Wineries, Wineries and more Wineries

Napa's wineries and vineyards are world renown and touring these estates is a must! Each winery has tasting fees, so plan your itinerary in advance and make reservations if necessary. There are also several limo services that offer reasonably-priced wine tours that allow everyone to partake in the delicious libations.
Cost: Varies
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Relaxing Spas

With more than 15 spas in Calistoga, you can definitely find the right relaxing service for you!
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Good Eats

You won't find fast food in Calistoga - so enjoy the variety of restaurants and fresh cuisines available.
Cost: Varies
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Old Faithful Geyser

A trip to Calistoga would not be complete without a visit to the famous Old Faithful Geyser. This is one of the world's three famous Old Faithful Geysers -- the others are in Wyoming and New Zealand.
Cost: Free
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Hiking and Biking

Calistoga offers many activities for those who enjoy the outdoors. We are sure there is something for everyone.
Cost: Varies
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Views from the Tram

Sterling Vineyards' aerial tram is the only one of its kind in Napa Valley, offering stunning views as visitors ride up to the winery. You are greeted with a glass of wine to enjoy while you stroll through art galleries, overlooks, and elevated walkways that allow guests to follow the winemaking process from grape to glass. Along the way, motion-activated flat-screen televisions provide detailed explanations. This arrangement lets guests tour the winery at their own pace.
Cost: Varies
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The Petrified Forest

Transport yourself back more than three million years in time and follow the trail of majestic petrified redwood giants displayed before you in a fascinating grove in breathtaking Calistoga. Geologists call this place one of the finest examples of a Pliocene fossil forest in the world.
Cost: Adult $10
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Calistoga's Castle (Castello di Amorosa)

Tour the authentically-styled, 13th century, Tuscan castle and winery. Tours are led by a knowledable guide. All tours feature a barrel tasting, and include a complimentary tasting of their current releases.
Cost: Varies
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The Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train provides a relaxing three-hour, thirty-six mile round-trip journey from the historic town of Napa, through one of the world's most well known wine valleys to the quaint village of St. Helena, and back.
Cost: Varies
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Calistoga Balloons

Ballooning in Calistoga is the most unique in the Napa Valley, due partly to the volcanic nature of the north end of the valley. You'll find scenery such as the Old Faithful Geyser, Mount St. Helena, the Petrified Forest and the palisades cliffs.
Cost: $229 per person
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Calistoga Speedway

The famous Calistoga Speedway is located at the northern end of the Napa Valley, in Calistoga, on the Napa County Fairgrounds.
Cost: Varies
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