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Glaciers kind of get a bad rap, especially when they go around sinking ships. But the one that formed Milford Sound thousand of years ago is doing its best to improve the world's view of glaciers. As if New Zealand isn't beautiful enough, Milford Sound is so stunning, it's difficult to even comprehend. It's usually a bad thing for it to rain at a vacation destination, but when it rains at Milford Sound, it only makes it more beautiful as it sends water cascading down the world-renowned waterfalls. Snow-capped mountains-nearly vertical in their steepness-jut out from the deep blue water of the sound. Cruises and Kayaks allow visitors to experience the best of Milford Sound from the water level which may allow you to see the dolphins, penguins, and seals that call the pass home. You can also catch a glimpse at the New Zealand Glow Worm that lights up after dark. Although it's an equally magnificent experience to view the entire site from a scenic flight.
Photo Credit: Chris McLennan
Photo Credit: Rob Suisted
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Tourism New Zealand

Could this place be more beautiful?

I went to Milford Sound as part of my 14 day camping tour around the South Island. Everybody me and my friends met along the trip kept asking us 'have you been at MS already?'....the expectations where getting higher by the day. After having a well deserved day of pampering ourselves with delicious warm food, wine and social life, we left posh Queenstown to take the magical drive to MS. If you see a road map, you have to make a big look around some mountains offering you beautiful views of two lakes and canyons. There is a very particular stop at the entry of a tunnel where you will meet a curious little parrot- cute and all, but don't let them eat your tire rubber! cute only lasts so long ! So then cross the tunnel and ....yeah...-you can stop slobbering and close your mouth- you have crossed into another dimension of beauty. drive until you hit the welcome area and AMAZE yourself with the sound. I could have stayed here few days exploring the beauty of this place.
Rain or shine- get out and walk around, trek those trails, get on a boat into the sound....this is where nature had one of its orgasms!!! Having been to NZ and not seen the Sound is like having been to Paris and not seen The Eiffel Tower.

Day Cruise Tours

Choose a cruise that works for you and see some incredible things! You may encounter dolphins, penguins, water falls, towering cliffs, and more. Order lunch and enjoy a fun filled day!
Cost: $65 - $115
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Want to get a more up close and personal tour of Milford? Then hop in a kayak! Take a tour and get up close to the animals, waterfalls, and nature. Learn from expert tour guides, eat lunch, and enjoy the ride!
Cost: $130 - $175
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Fiordland National Park

Take a nice walk or hike around and experience
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Planning Tip

Milford Sound is a 4 hour drive from Queenstown - another Jauntaroo destination. The drive is one of the best journeys! The road passes through unspoiled mountain landscapes before entering the Homer Tunnel which emerges into rain-forest-carpeted canyons that descend to the sound.




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