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Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, especially if you consider psychotic sports fanatics highly cultured. Of course the reputation comes from the art galleries, orchestras, operas, film festivals, and delectable wine and coffee. But we've come to know that it's the seemingly quiet ones who are capable of the wildest of sides. Sports in Melbourne more closely resemble a religion than a hobby, so be careful with whom you choose to place your fandom, especially when it comes to Australian Rules football, horse racing or cricket. When you've had your fill of sports, you may finally be able to take a step back and glimpse how naturally beautiful Melbourne is. Penguins emerge from the sea, rugged rocks seem to defy gravity as they break through the coastline, and a national park houses Kangaroos, emus, wombats, and anything else you'd picture calling Australia home. When it comes to city life, Melbourne has conveniently organized all of its city elements into districts for easy access. One district for tourist favorites-cafes, shops, and lovely architecture. One district for learning-home to the zoo and university. And one for the night owls-providing an energetic nightlife and late night snacks. You get the idea. Melbourne pretty much has anything you could ever want.
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
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Photo Credit: Tourism Australia

The Culture city

Do you want to experience the Australian vibe with as much of CULTURE as you want to get? Melbourne is your place. Music, street art, events, expositions, exhibitions, graffiti, F1, parks, the city itself, Aussies themselves, the World itself represented in that city!
One tip. If you are planning on going, PLEASE, rent a car and do the Great Ocean Road: undoubtedly WORTH IT. Also, go visit the friendly penguins :) Enjoy!!
Ruth Damaris

Australia's Best CIty!

Graffiti artwork, penguins, underground nightlife scene - so much to do in Melbourne! Order a flat white at one of the many coffee shops or sidewalk cafes and take in a sip of the city. Very unique vibe - Seattle meets Paris. Many places to stay - my favorite area is St. Kilda.

the Insider capital of Australia

Melbourne got everything! From shopping facilities, Museums and parks - to great nightlife, amazing coffee culture and "off the beaten track" sights. All year around there is happening something everyday in that laid back city. From gathering at the famous Federation Square to meeting new people at the classic Victoria Market. Melbourne got the vibe that everybody seeks in a big city. food from around the world, perfect organized public transportation and the locals are very helpful and friendly. It is clean, liberal and offers heaps of activities for everybody! You come here, you want to stay here! Melbourne is simply amazing!

Culture downunder !

This city has a very European feel to it, and is the 'work' capital of Aussomeland ! Tons of cultural events, museums, parks, coffee shops.....mmmmm, desserts in St Kilda !!! The transportation system runs perfectly and can take you anywhere in the city. The nightlife is amazing, and the waterfront esplanade is very enjoyable. Shopping here is also a must: one-of-a-kind stores and great service are expected. The Derby is one of is highlights !!! The architecture of this metropolis is outstanding and spans from old Victorian and classical styles to contemporary architecture featuring Australia's tallest highrise: Eureka Tower.

Crown Entertainment Complex

There is something for every type of vacation and every age at this complex! There are tons of shops, restaurants and free entertainment. There are nightclubs and an indoor amusement park.
Cost: Varies
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Hot Air Balloon Ride

See the city from a different point of view! Watch the sunrise and enjoy the city from above on a one hour ride that you'll never forget!
Cost: Around $350 per person
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Canoeing and Kayaking

Take to the waters for some adventure! Explore areas that you can't access from a car and have a blast at the same time. Go on an exhilarating ride with higher grade rapids or opt for a relaxing experience with calmer water.
Cost: $60 and up
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