Margarita Island

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It's kind of cool to sip margaritas on the beach. But do you know what's seriously awesome? Sipping margaritas on a beach on Margarita Island. It's off the coast of Venezuela, so the island's personality is a unique blend of Caribbean adventure and South-American casual. Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider Margarita Island for your next Caribbean vacation is that it lies just outside of the hurricane belt, meaning the island sees very little rain and has year-round temperatures in the 80s. Although adventure sports are popular here-particularly wind and kite surfing, most of the best activities at Margarita Island are as a result of its naturally inviting landscape. Lounging at the beach, walking along canals through vibrant flora, or having a quiet afternoon fishing are often so enchanting for visitors, that's all they get to. The nightlife is as colorful as the plant life with popular tropical drinks made by friendly bartenders.
Photo Credit: Sebastian Pothe
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla
Photo Credit: Gabriel Bulla

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Paradise Beach

A less busy beach, this beach offers white sand and clear blue water that can allow you to see star fish possibly! There are places to eat near so you can spend the whole day enjoying the sun!
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Horseback riding

Take a ride on the back of a well trained horse. Even if you have never been on a horse before, you will feel safe and comfortable. You'll get some riding instruction and then a guide will take you on a two hour tour.
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A famous place to windsurf! Rent equipment and get out there. If you don't feel comfortable going at least get out a watch others try it.
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