Lord Howe Island

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For your next vacation, keep things interesting. Vacation in a volcano. Seriously. Off the coast of Australia, Lord Howe Island is actually the top of an extinct underwater volcano. Visiting the small island-with a population of only 350-is strictly controlled as only 400 tourists are allowed to visit at a time. While this makes it a bit tougher to get there, it means that you won't be elbowing your way through a crowded beach filled with sweaty tourists. It also makes it a safer place for families to vacation and a more isolated, romantic place for couples. This island is so diverse and stunning that you'll want to spend your entire time outdoors. Thankfully, your outdoor options are pretty much limitless-bushwalking tours, deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, golfing, bicycling, outdoor dining, and even reef walking to name a few.
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia

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Ned's Beach

A beautiful beach to lay on the warm white sand and swim in the cool blue water. Snorkel at the beach and see incredible sea life as well! Don't forget to stay and watch the sun set!
Cost: Free
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Environmental Tours

Take a tour tailored to you! Decide how long you would like to go and what things are important for you. Ride in a glass bottom boat and maybe even do some snorkeling!
Cost: Varies
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Mt. Gower

Climb this mountain and take in the breathtaking views! Make sure to get a guided tour and wear appropriate shoes. This hike is long and can be quite difficult which will make your experience unforgettable.
Cost: 50
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