Kruger National Park

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If you've ever considered a vacation in South Africa, may we suggest going somewhere where you're sure to have some friends? Hundreds of friends, actually. At Kruger National Park, on the border of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, you're sure you become besties with at least some of the incredible life that calls the park home. With over 150 kinds of mammals, 500 species of birds, over 100 reptiles, 300 types of trees, as well as many friendly locals, you may even fall in love with everything that South Africa's largest game reserve has to offer. Driving tours and walking safaris help visitors to see the wild truly as it's meant to be seen. Or, if you're really willing to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, perhaps you will opt for an elephant back safari. After long days out in the wild, indulgent spas and luxury accommodations are prevalent to make sure you can adequately recoup for your next adventure.
Photo Credit: South Africa Tourism Office
Photo Credit: South Africa Tourism Office
Photo Credit: Kerryn du Plessis
Photo Credit: Kerryn du Plessis
Photo Credit: Kerryn du Plessis

Enter the Wild

A zoo will never suffice once you have seen a lion in the wild. While you will not see large herds like you would in the Serengeti, or the migrations like you see on National Geographic; Kruger National Park is a place where you can see the Big 5 and more all in a day trip.
The great part about this park is that you can choose to do a self guided tour, which you will see plenty of animals (we had seen - elephants, springbok, giraffes, zebras, crocs & water buffalo before we had even arrived to our lodge located on the outskirts of the park.) Having a guide makes it ten times more enjoyable though. Because they radio back and forth to each other, you are able to travel more efficiently throughout the park to try to capture glimpses of the elusive cheetah or leopard.
Even though we didn't get to see a 'kill' or a leopard, we got to see the cheetah, which our guide had not spotted one in over 6 months. In addition, we saw male lions hunting at night, found a venomous puffer adler and a warthog and water buffalo mudding together in a small hole.
The guides we had throughout our trip were incredible with tracking and teaching us what they knew about behavior of the animals and the terrain.
Visiting Kruger, you can make your trip cost a few hundred dollars by staying in a lodge outside the park borders, or make it a $20,000 week long adventure; this trip can accommodate any pocketbook once arriving.

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This is the place for safari tours! Choose from a day safari to a multi night safari with camping or lodge accommodations. Learn about the area and all the incredible animals you are sure to encounter! Choose a jeep tour, an elephant safari, and more.
Cost: From $360
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Nyalaland Wilderness Trail

This is for people who want to get up close and personal with nature! Take a hike through the area and learn the history that is all around. You will look for both large and small animals on your way. A guide will take you around and share their knowledge of the area with you.
Cost: Varies depending on amount of people and time of year.
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Phuza Moya Private Game Reserve

There are quite a few activities you can choose from at this reserve including horseback riding, walking trials, and biking. Be sure to make a stop here!
Cost: Entrance is free
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