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Beach bungalows, shark-watching snorkel trips, sparkling aqua and emerald vistas that stretch into the horizon-welcome to Ko Phi Phi Don in Southern Thailand. Only one beach in this archipelago is populated, so visiting beaches whose only residents are birds and monkeys makes for quite a unique beach vacation. Although much of the island was damaged in the 2004 tsunami, the diving sites have remained as popular and stunning as ever. The vibrant coral, sea fans, and anemone reefs attract more than just thousands of tourists. It's filled with incredible marine life including leopard sharks, turtles, eels, clown fish, snappers, and even barracudas. Mixing off-the-boat-fresh seafood with the famous spices of Thailand creates dishes so unique and tasty that they're almost worth the visit all on their own.
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth
Photo Credit: Thomas and Leslye Ashworth

A place in danger

Phi Phi is a beautiful spit of land in the middle of a beautiful sea you reach by ferry from Krabi or Phuket. It is so beautiful and easy to be there that MANY people go and that has caused an explosion that I believe has put the island on danger. Unfortunately the 'younger, college, summer break tourists' don't have a notion of how much they pollute the island. Local Thais are very eager to please the tourists and show them a good time...but the ecological cost is high. Please visit this magical island, but help keep it clean and green. Support the local economy and don't get tricked into buying buckets of alcohol in order to enter a locale. There is much more to do than getting drunk in this island. Charter a small boat for a trip around the islands, go diving, swimming, hiking, playing....and when you get back home get drunk with your friends telling them how much fun you had in nature !

Too touristy for me

Beautiful scenery, very touristy, great snorkeling/diving. It's cool to take a trip to the island where the Beach was filmed. And it's well worth hiking up to the lookout point to get panoramic pics of the island. That said, if you want a real taste of Thailand, try someplace else.

Its pronounced "Peepee"

Preferred over Phuket, Ko Pagnan and Ko Samui. Koh PhiPhi is home to the Rasta-Thais, who are super outgoing and fun to party with. If you're looking for some Bamboo-Tatoos, this is the place to get Tatted up after too many drinks

Come here and you'll find an abundance of liquor buckets, sandwiches and beautiful beach.

An Amazing experience

I had been to this place early this year and I must say its breath taking. This is the place to be for everyone whether singles, couples, family or friends. One Side of the Island is quiet and calm with amazing sea food and light music and the other is looooouuudd and filled with amazing parties and fire shows. (Must go - Slinky Bar). For a getaway from the island, a visit to Mayabay is incredible. This is the perfect snorkelling spot. We stayed on the deserted island for a night to see the Planktons and it was brilliant.(Try - Mayabay tours with Morgan). You will love it!!

PS - The massages are to kill for!!!

Bamboo Island

A beautiful Island to stop at with clear water and white sandy beaches. The views are picturesque and the fresh air is invigorating!
Cost: Free
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Scuba Diving

You must scuba dive if you go to this island! With tons of places to go you cannot miss out on this experience. See all sort of underwater life and have expert guides help you make the most out of your experience.
Cost: Varies depending on amount of people and time of year.
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Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise

Stop at a number of locations on this cruise! You will be snorkeling, fishing, cliff jumping, and more. Don't forget to fill up on some delicious food with unlimited free beer!
Cost: 1,000 Baht and up
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