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One of the world's last remaining medieval cities, Guimaraes is said to be where Portugal was born. Its castle is located in center of the city and was constructed in the X century to help defend the city. Its strength and power, not to mention beauty, is still inspiring masses of visitors centuries later. Let's just say, we wouldn't mess with Portugal as long as that thing's still standing. The entire city is cradled in rich green mountains and is lined with quaint shops that support the picturesque image of this ancient town. While modern life has made its way in to Guimaraes-elevators can help you make the assent up the famous Penha Mountain-the architecture and way of life has remained bold and commanding yet charmingly welcoming.
Photo Credit: Miguel Saavedra

The city were Portugal born.

Guimaraes is the place were Afonso Henriques, has defeated his mother and founded a country called Portugal. Its a very nice small city, with the first castle of Portugal, lots of historic buildings and things to see. The people are very nice, the food and the wine too and its a great town to visist and have a good time, In the last year Guimaraes was the capital of culture in Europe and today is a very famous city in Portugal. Its in the North of Portugal and its a very beautiful city.

In Portugal we must visit too, the aƧores islands, and Madeira Island. Wonderful islands full of nature and wonderful water to swim. speacially in Madeira. AƧores are nine islands full of nature and vulcanic lakes to see.
JoĆ£o Paulo

Largo da Oliveira

The impressive Largo da Oliveira, in the heart of the old town, has been particularly successful in managing to retain its medieval aspect.
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Above the town rears the gray bulk of the 10th C. castle, with its high, slender battlements, one of the most complete and best preserved medieval strongholds in Portugal.
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Museu de Alberto Sampaio

The cloister and part of the former Dominican convent now house the very impressive Museu de Alberto Sampaio, with pictures and sculpture, mainly by Portuguese artists of the 14th 16th C., goldsmiths' work and a valuable collection of historical costume and furniture.
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