Glacier National Park

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When you visit Glacier National Park, rest assured that they'll be ready for you. After all, the park has been preparing for your visit for the last 800 million years. The park is the result of sedimentary rock formations that were laid down then uplifted during the formation of the Rocky Mountains. As it exists now, the park is filled with lakes, valleys, remnant glaciers and a variety of wildlife. A lot of the beauty of the park can be viewed from the car, although some of the most fun will be had by biking along the steep cliffs or hiking along the 700 miles of trails. Likewise, there are hotels nearby, but visitors who want to embrace the natural habitat of the park can camp at one of thirteen campgrounds within the park. For the truly adventurous spirit, Glacier National Park is world famous for its beautiful backcountry camping and backpacking.
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To the Sun and Beyond

This park houses some of the U.S.'s most breathtaking land. With options to hike and camp along a backcountry trail or stick to the populated campsites, Glacier National Park is accessible to both intense outdoors people and those who prefer scenery without so much adventure. Hands down a must see for all Americans, and this should be a priority to anyone visiting the states.

Secret Valley Tour

Wind your way through fir and aspen forests into Glacier National Park and the Two Medicine Valley. Stroll the short optional trail to Running Eagle Falls and continue on to Middle Two Medicine Lake and Glacier's "secret valley." From there, enjoy an included boat cruise along the base of one of Glacier's largest mountains, Rising Wolf. Visit the historic Two Medicine Campstore, site of one of President F. D. Roosevelt's "fireside chats," before continuing your journey alongside one of the oldest roads in the world, The Old North Trail.
Cost: $45/adult $22.50/child
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International Peace Park Tour

Begin your morning on the Old North Trail, one of the oldest highways in the world. See unparalleled views as you wind along Montana plains and peaks. Visit the incredible Many Glacier Valley along the way to Waterton Lakes National Park and the historic Prince of Wales Hotel. Arrive just in time for the optional Afternoon Tea served in the lobby, overlooking the Waterton Valley with views looking back into Montana. Return along the base of Chief Mountain, the spiritual landmark of the Blackfeet Indians. A Passport is required for this tour. Click on the map to enlarge.
Cost: Varies
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Big Sky Circle Tour

The most inclusive tour of Glacier National Park starts with a morning drive over Marias Pass, with wildlife viewing at Goat Lick and a stop at the historic Izaak Walton Inn. After an optional lunch at Lake McDonald Lodge, tour the grand cedar and hemlock forests that lie within the Lake McDonald Valley.
Cost: $80/adult $40/child and up
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