Flinders Ranges National Park

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If the massive mountain ranges, deep gorges, and wide array of animals aren't enough to entice you to visit Australia's Flinders Ranges National Park, perhaps the ancient and still fascinating culture will. Home to the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people before European settlers colonized the area, Flinders Ranges is still home to many members of the Aboriginal tribe. Visitors can not only see relics and drawings from the lives of the ancient natives who inhabited the land, they can see their still living posterity, as well. A trip to Flinders Ranges National Park is memorable for the entire family, as many people take their kids along to camp amid the peaceful and beautiful surroundings at well-maintained campgrounds. However, resorts are available for the slightly more pampered of guests, including one at the Wilpena Pound-a stunning amphitheater-shaped natural landform that covers nearly 80 kilometers. Bush-walking, hikes, cycling and scenic drives are popular ways for visitors to see the natural wonders and ancient ruins that this national park has to offer.
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia

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The park offers excellent bushwalking opportunities for all ages and levels of fitness, ranging from easy walks in Wilpena Pound to overnight treks and the long distance Heysen Trail.
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For a great cycling experience, the long distance cycling trail, The Mawson Trail, traverses the park uses many fire access trails that offer spectacular views. Flinders Ranges National Park partners with neighboring land holders to promote the Flinders Ranges by bike loop.
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Scenic drives

There are several spectacular scenic drives on offer in the park. Highlights include the Brachina Gorge Geological Trail, a 20km self-guided trail that passes through 130 million years of earth history. Trail signage provides an insight into past climates, the formation of the ranges and the evolution of early forms of life.
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