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While many places boast that they're a great balance of ancient and modern, one city has succeeded in keeping the modern out so that visitors get a true taste of the ancient. Morocco's Fes is an ancient walled city, a capital of Islamic civilization and is the best-preserved old city in the Arab world. One of the ways they've kept the modern out is by keeping the majority of the city car-free, using motorbikes, carriages, and donkeys, instead. To make things a little easier, taxis take visitors to different parts of the city where they can then walk from place to place. Once in the city, ancient buildings, mosques and tombs are like stepping into the pages of a history book. Likewise, a trip to the medina (Old City) provides guests with the kind of shopping they've only seen in movies-leather goods, handicrafts, ceramics, food stalls all being sold in a bustling marketplace.
Photo Credit: Bab Bou Jeloud
Photo Credit: Carl Purcell
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office

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Fes el-Bali

The biggest attraction in Fes is the entire old medina (Fes el-Bali)and the best way to get around it, to see (and find) its main sights, is to hire a guide through your hotel or Riad. A full day should cost around 250 dirhams. You can tell the guide exactly what you'd like to see, specify if you don't want to buy a carpet and tell him (or her) what language you prefer. Once you feel comfortable getting lost, there's no need for a guide anymore and you can simply rely on friendly shopkeepers to point you in the right direction or a good map.
Cost: A full day should cost around 250 dirhams
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Fes is famous for its leather products and most of it comes from the leather bazaar (souq) in old Fes. The tanneries have been in operation since medieval times and little has changed, which makes them absolutely fascinating to visit.
Cost: Varies
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Kairaouine Mosque

The Kairaouine Mosque (Djemaa el Kairaouine) in Fes is the second-largest mosque in Morocco (after the new Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca) and gives Al-Azhar in Cairo a run for its money as the world's oldest university. Its minaret dates from 956 and is the oldest Islamic monument in Fes.
Cost: Varies
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