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Craving a vacation fit for kings? Then head on over to the go-to destination for Europe's elite including past guests like King Edward VII, King George V, and King Farouk of Egypt. While beauty abounds-blue skies, fresh air, sparkling water-Evian-les-Bains is more than just a pretty face. In the 1800s, the springs of Evian were discovered by scientists to have curative qualities and began to be used for medicinal purposes. Every inch of Evian is luxurious, including the hotels and architecture. Although the best part of a trip to Evian-les-Baines is the spa treatments, outdoor markets full of the best meats, cheeses, and wines that France has to offer. Trains run from Evian to Geneva, Annemasse, Bellegarde, Paris and Lyon to make it easy for travelers to include as much or as little outside travel in their Evian vacation as they want.
Photo Credit: Henry Pel
Photo Credit: Masters Golf Club
Photo Credit: Marcel Latini
Photo Credit: Evian Royal Resort Luc Selvais

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Walking & Cycling in the Alps

If your family likes the great outdoors then you are assured a fantastic holiday in the Alps. And if you like walking then even better! It's difficult to pick out the best walks, there really are too many possibilities to mention. Suffice it to say that wherever you are staying in the Alps, chances are you will find some beautiful walking country very close by.
Cost: Free
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White Water Rafting in the Alps

The Alps offers tons of opportunities for organized outdoor activities (rafting, body boards, rock climbing, potholing, canyoning etc.) run by centers where full tuition and all equipment is provided. These activities are on the whole for families with older children who are looking for that adrenalin rush and bit of extra excitement that perhaps a gentle canoe/kayak ride doesn't give!
Cost: Varies
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Summer Skiing

Skiing does not need to be restricted solely to the winter months. Several Alpine resorts offer the opportunity for skiing on glaciers during the summer. If you're into skiing anyway, this is a great option for a day out with a difference during a more conventional summer holiday. It wouldn't be recommended though for non-skiers.
Cost: Varies
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