Ponta do Corumbau

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A remote peninsula off the coast of Brazila, Corumbau's name means "distant place." Living up to its name, its secluded nature makes it slightly more difficult to get to, but worth it for everyone who gets there. Adding to the relaxed feel is the fact that there are only a couple of small hotels in Corumbau so you'll never feel like you're surrounded by tourists. Pristine beaches line the coast as sparkling turquoise water laps at the shore. The coral reef barrier has helped isolate Corumbau over the years and now provides visitors with stunning snorkeling opportunities. Whether you come on a romantic honeymoon or on a family vacation, you'll feel like you're the only ones to have discovered this isolated coastal town.
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Venturing inland, experience trekking by lush preserved rainforest and plentiful fauna in the Monte Pascoal National Park. Climbing the 536m of mountain is an arduous but rewarding expedition. This is thought to be the first landmark to be spotted by the Portuguese of the Brazilian coast in the 1500.
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Corumbau, which is still relatively unknown to tourists, therefore adding to its appeal as a luxury retreat. Unlike many of Brazil's famous beach locations, Corumbau is set in a fishing village. Its unassuming nature is what makes it so alluring to tourists, especially if they have spent previous weeks investigating the country's big cities. Its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches make Corumbau a paradise worth exploring, while its location within the region of Bahia makes it perfect for further exploration.
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Snorkeling and Whale Watching

The reefs in front of Corumbau are great for snorkeling all year round. Whales gather south of Corumbau to mate, from July to November. Access from Corumbau to sighting areas can be organized if planned in advance.
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Planning Tip

Ponta do Corumbau is WAY off the beaten path... To reach this isolated haven, fly from any major Brazilian city into Porto Seguro. Then, drive, fly, or helicopter into Ponta do Corumbau. By car, this trip will take just under three hours along the highway from the Porto Seguro airport.




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