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Corfu is known as the "Lady of the Ionian Sea" and like any proper lady, she's full of class, beauty, and just a touch of sass. Corfu is the capital of the Greek Seven Islands of the Ionian Sea and is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Canopied by pine, olive, cypress, and eucalyptus trees, Corfu is surrounded by a dazzling coastline. The magnificence of this island is legendary, so much so that according to legend, nymphs used to bathe it its waterfalls. The coast is lined with calm, sandy beaches, and the simple beach vibe is complemented by beautiful hotels, resorts, cafes, nightclubs and deliciously authentic Greek restaurants. Old palaces and fortresses along with museums add a touch of history to this beach vacation.
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Photo Credit: Greek National Tourism Organisation



Travelling - the most beautiful action in the world!

From space, our planet appears a tiny dot. In this speck are all of our problems and worries, all of our lives and loves. We must not leave this Earth before we know and understand it as much as we can, thus shortening to the max our bucket list.

Being an actor, I was well travelled with my tours and filming. A few years ago I presented on the National Television a travelling show. I was roaming the mountains and plains of Transylvania with my backpack in search of old fortresses and churches. I’ve had a blast!

But it wasn’t always like that. One hot summer I was broke and bankrupt. I was sitting in my garden eating a juicy melon out of boredom and thirst. Next thing you know my phone rang. It was an old friend calling me from the Island of Corfu, Greece telling me that he and his girlfriend needed a lift to Bucharest, Romania on his expense. Plus, he threw in a bonus week in Corfu.

Who can refuse to discover new places and unveil its best and hidden bits, to try things you’ve never tried before? Was as if the Universe looked down at me while I was eating my melon and said: “Hey! Don’t waste this glorious summer! Get up and live!”

I’m an organized person. I normally like to look up on the internet on my destination, to get informed, to get the most of my trip.
This time though, armed only with a GPS and a few clothes in a small car, I embarked on an adventure that proved to be memorable.

In Corfu, I’ve experienced everything it had to offer: from delicious traditional Greek dishes (Patsas, Gyros, Pastitsio, Baklava, Ouzo etc) to its beautiful dance and songs.

I purposely got lost on the island and hence discovered an intimate beach with crystal clear waters and soft golden sand. It was situated between two large rocks that I climbed down and it was deserted. The view on the Ionian Sea was exquisite and I decided to sleep on that beach for the night. I swam and it was Paradise!

Traveling back was a laugh. Imagine four adults with luggage in a small car journeying into the most unforgettable trip of their lives.

It was a lesson for me to be always prepared to whatever life throws at you. You have to be up for a challenge at all times. Because the thought becomes fact in a blink of an eye. But that’s life! Worth living to the full!

Two days after returning, we drove to Zagreb, Croatia to watch U2 on tour and slept in my car. But that’s another story…


The most beautiful sea color that I ever seing in my life!

Paleokastritsa Resort / Moni Theotokou (Monastery)

The monastery known as the Moni Theotokou can be found on Corfu's west coast, within the resort of Paleokastritsa. Established as far back as the 13th century, the monastery building here today was actually built during the 18th century and contains a detailed picture showing the Last Judgment.
Cost: Free
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Old Town

The Old Town area of Corfu Town is particularly enchanting and contains a number of appealing historical attractions, which often offer a distinctive Venetian flair. Much of the Old Town comprises a maze-like array of cobblestone alleyways and these winding streets as referred to as the 'kantounia'.
Cost: Free
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One of the very best of all the family orientated tourist attractions on Corfu, Aqualand comes highly recommended and offers the ultimate way to cool down on a hot day.
Cost: Admission: charge, discounts for children, 25% off all prices after 15:00
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