Copper Canyon

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A system of canyons that is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon, Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre) in northern Mexico is North Americas largest canyon system. While shops and restaurants have begun popping up due to increased tourism in the area, the Copper Canyon region has successfully retained its seemingly untouched, simple atmosphere. This is the kind of place you want to go when you need to slow down a bit. Small towns surround the area providing comfortable hotels including five-star lodges, but camping under the stars is a memorable way to spend your nights. Because the canyon is so steep, the variety of terrain, flora, fauna, and wildlife is dramatic. Hot springs, waterfalls, natural pools, rocky cliffs, and over 140 different species of wildflowers can be explored on mountain bikes, ATVs, four wheel trucks, or even on foot.
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: CPTM

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Western Canyon Explorer

View and photograph the canyons from a variety of natural panoramic overlooks on a canyon rim drive as well as visit the Divisadero outdoor market where you will observe local Indians weaving their aromatic pine-needle baskets in a myriad of designs. And much more.
Cost: 7 days, 6 nights $1549 and up
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Sierra Spectacular

Ride a railcar of the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad as it traverses the transition of the Nearctic and the Neotropical biomes. View 11 miles of tunneling and 2.25 miles of bridging as the railway serpentines through some of the most outstanding habitats on the planet. Descend the deepest and the third deepest canyons in North America and observe many endemic birds and plants. Meet Mayo and Tarahumara residents and observe them in their daily life and in presentations of their traditional dances.
Cost: Tours starting at $3089 per person
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Birding in Copper Canyon

From your panoramic hilltop setting, view the El Fuerte River with a constant display of birds and our feeders teeming with hummingbirds. Enjoy alfresco patio refreshments and appetizers, listening to live regional music surrounded by flowering gardens and an impressive array of giant, native cacti. Dinner in our air-conditioned dining room or on the patio features the regional specialty of fresh garlic grilled bass and shrimp, with wine or cerveza.
Cost: Tours starting at $1869 per person
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