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Copenhagen is the perfect destination for the hard to please, because, quite frankly, there's something for everyone in this "friendly old girl of a town." It's everything you'd hope for from a big city-the shopping and the nightlife are unparalleled. But its deeply rooted history and quaint European architecture add a historical and memorable layer to this complex city. Summer is typically the best time to visit Copenhagen, although each season offers its own little magic. The warm weather and beautiful beach and harbor water make swimming a go-to activity during the summer months. Copenhagen's shopping will satisfy even the pickiest of wallets with options ranging from high-end designers to a 333 meter flea market. The food options follow the same suit with cheap street vendors and more pricey restaurants throughout the city. And if you're looking for a bit of glitz, the nightlife is renowned.
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Photo Credit: VisitDenmark
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Photo Credit: VisitDenmark

The City in Scandinavia

The Copenhagen city is clean, safe and ridiculously easy to get to know. There are lots of old buildings, castles and palaces to visit. With patience and disposition you will be able to visit the main points on foot. To help you in your itinerary you can go to the information center for tourists that is in the down town at the Vesterbrogade street. You will pay nothing for this service.

Here are some places I suggest you to visit:

- The Town Hall.
- The Christianborg Palace.
- The Rosenborg Castle and its gardens.
- The Royal Library.
- The cemetery. Yes, it is beautiful and the locals go there for waking, jogging, relax, etc.
- The Tivoli.
- The Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden.
- The Stroget (one of Europe’s longest shopping streets and one of Denmark’s top sights).
- The Nyhavn New Harbor.

Visit in the Spring!

While I am biased twoard Stockholm, Denmark is a very cool city. My first advice to visiting Copenhagen, and all Scandanavia cities is visit in the Spring or Summer. There is a lot of walking and biking in Copenhagen and you will have a much better time if you are enjoying the weather. Both times I visited there was intense rain which put a damper on my time spent here. I would have to say if you are visiting Copenhagen definitely visit Christianshavn which is reminiscent of Amsterdam, and the Royal Palace which is grand. The town is unique and I believe its best quality is it lends itself to just exploring and walking around, but again do this in the right season!

A Fairy Tale City

It is a city like in a fairy tale, it is where the happiest people on the planet live, and as you walk the streets you find the influence in art left by stories of sea creatures that have lived in our imaginations for centuries. A statue is placed by City Hall not of a military great or founding father, but of the author great, Hans Christian Andersen as he overlooks the opposite side of the street at Tivoli; a whimsical amusement park that reminds us all of the kid within and played influence to the great and late Walt Disney.

Biking is not only a means of transportation, but way of life. It is part of the Danish culture that has influenced cities around the world to make way for safer bike lanes.

The land of Freetown Christiana is an independent territory in the middle of the city that lives by their own law...only 9 laws. An interesting place, not a place to take your children, but one to walk through and experience at least once if you are up for an adventure (it's safe - just no pictures allowed).

It is an enjoyable city that is easy to make your way through, even if you only speak English.

Wind turbines line themselves out at sea to capture green power on a windy day as the city leads the world in clean technology. Easy to get around by train, a coast lined with white sandy beaches, an evident past of strong military presence with barracks and bases all around, cobblestone streets to take you back in time next and edgy modern arts are all of what makes this city – Copenhagen.


Amalienborg is considered one of the greatest works of Danish Rococo architecture and was constructed in the 1700's.This is the main residence of Her Majesty the Queen. When the flag is raised, it signals that the Queen is present.
Cost: Admission Adults Admission 65,00 DKK Children under 17 years Free entrance
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Canal Tours Copenhagen

Canal Tours Copenhagen is a wonderful way of seeing Copenhagen. Many Copenhageners take the tour to get an opportunity to see their capital from a different perspective.
Cost: Admission Adults 1 person 70,00 DKK Children 1 person 40,00 DKK Children under 5 years Free entrance
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Christiania, the famous free town of Copenhagen, is without a doubt one of Denmark's most popular tourist attractions. This controversial area is loved by many, but has been a turning point for strong debate, especially because of the locals relaxed view on hash and some unfortunate violent incidents.
Cost: Free
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